Synchronicity 2 Ed: Science, Myth, and the Trickster Second Edition

by Combs & Holland

Paperback, 1995



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Da Capo Press (1995), Edition: 2nd, 184 pages


Carl Jung coined the term "synchronicity" to describe meaningful coincidences that conventional notions of time and causality cannot explain. Working with the great quantum physicist Wolfgang Pauli, Jung sought to reveal these coincidences as phenomena that involve mind and matter, science and spirit, thus providing rational explanations for parapsychological events like telepathy, precognition, and intuition. Synchronicity examines the work of Jung and Pauli, as well as noted scientists Werner Heisenberg and David Bohm; identifies the phenomena in ancient and modern mythologies, particularly the Greek legend of Hermes the Trickster; and illustrates it with engaging anecdotes from everyday life and literature.

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LibraryThing member endersreads
I often delve into speculative and esoteric studies. I did not expect to be reading the latest of the scientifically methodically tested postulations. I might add that Allan Combs and I share dwelling in Asheville, NC. Those who know the city know it's people eat this type of stuff up with a wolfish appetite. That being said, the Jungians (indeed Jung coined the term Synchronicity, and you may find his fish story here *huge pun*)and the Campbellians of you--along with the followers of Thoth, or Hermes, or Mercury, or Merlin, or the Trickster, or any of his other innumerous names--you will immediately understand the theme of the book. Very few of us can say we have not felt "Synchronicity" tapping us on the shoulder. For those who have not felt the touch of the PARAnormal; you may continue to believe the Encyclopedia Brittanica came from a print factory explosion. I should note that I do not agree with many of the concepts here, but I thoroughly enjoyed reading them.… (more)
LibraryThing member PhilOPosia
Inevitable drift into patchouli-reeking "new age" propaganda. You really are always on your own, kids.


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