Einstein's monsters

by Martin Amis

Hardcover, 1987





New York : Harmony Books, 1987.

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LibraryThing member LynnB
Martin Amis has written a collection of five stories about lving with the threat of, or after, a nuclear war.

In two of the stories, the existence of nuclear weapons is a backdrop for the anxieties and behaviour of characters. These were my favourites, with a strength of language and imagery that literally made me pause and reflect mid-paragraph at times.

The other three stories could more easily fit the science-fiction genre since they take place after nuclear war has destroyed the world as we know it. Even in these, Mr. Amis's focus is on people: these aren't stories about war and technology, but about what they do to humanity.
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LibraryThing member soylentgreen23
A slightly hit-and-miss collection of stories - and an excellent opening essay - on the nuclear reality of the 1980s.



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