Oregon Geographic Names

by Lewis A. McArthur (Editor)

Other authorsLewis L. McArthur
Paperback, 1982




Portland, Ore. : Western Imprints, The Press of the Oregon Historical Society, 1982.


An Oregon classic since 1928, Oregon Geographic Names is a comprehensive reference to place names throughout the state. A wide range of readers, from librarians and researchers to travelers and avocational historians, have come to depend on the book's exhaustive and sometimes quirky entries over the years.The seventh edition is significantly expanded, with more than 6,200 entries, arranged alphabetically. Each entry lists the county where the place is located and reports what is known about the origin and meaning of the name. An accompanying CD-Rom holds complete biographical and geographical indexes and maps that show the locations of over 1,600 place names, primarily historic post offices.



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