Mia (American Girl)

by Laurence Yep

Paperback, 2008




American Girl (2008), 136 pages


Mia has grown up playing ice hockey with her three older brothers and has the skills she needs to become a star hockey player. But she's tired of skating in her brothers' shadows and has decided to pursue her passion for figure skating instead. With the help of a new coach, Mia finds out whether she has what it takes to grow and compete as a figure skater.


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LibraryThing member t1bclasslibrary
Mia is really good at hockey- so why did she give it up for figure skating which is much more of a struggle? She got into figure skating for the reasons she bonds with her coach- she is willing to work hard, keep trying, and she wants to make her own way, not follow her three older brothers. She
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works hard at the arena earning lesson fees, and on her routine- she even helps out at home, coaches one of the younger classes, and manages her homework. In the end, she isn't sure how she'll do at the Winter Show, but she does wonderfully, proving that the coach made the right decision giving her a solo.
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LibraryThing member babydraco
Well, this isn't written for my age group, but it's pretty good for the group it's targeted at. This book, and its sequel, came with my Girl of the Year doll, so it's even more impressive that the story is quite readable for something that came with a *doll*.

The central character is Mia St.
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Claire, a ten year old girl who trains to be a figure skater and lives with a big family of rambunctious older brothers. They don't have much money, so Mia sews her own costumes and works at the rink to pay for her lessons.
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