Uppity Women of Ancient Times

by Vicki León

Paperback, 1995




Conari Pr (1995), 237 pages


Profiles two hundred unusual women throughout history, including gladiators, public servants, murderers, rulers, scientists, and homemakers.


½ (75 ratings; 3.5)

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LibraryThing member rampaginglibrarian
goes right along with the wild women series--quotes, anectdotes, and stories about women from ancient times----authority seems a little questionable to me as some of these stories just have that "urban legend" flavor--but its still fun to read...
LibraryThing member SeriouslySaoirse
A great introduction to some little-known women from ancient society whose "uppity" attitudes nearly succeeded in having them erased from patriarchal history. My only complaint? I wanted to have slightly longer snippets on the women. Other than that, I highly recommend it!
LibraryThing member MsMixte
Many of the books listed in the Bibliography were published in the mid 1970s. Has there been no research since that could have been encapsulated in the single page mentions of many of the women herein listed? Admittedly, most of the women mentioned probably don't have much in the way of good
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historical fact behind them, but the book still seems to be rather a collection of anecdotes than scholarly material.
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LibraryThing member varielle
These are amusing short biographies (Usually 1-2 pages) of the good girls and the bad of the ancient world. A few are well known, but many are obscure. Don't look for detailed citations because there aren't any. Great fun though.


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