Women's History of the World

by Rosalind Miles

Paperback, 1990




HarperCollins (1990), 294 pages


Men dominate history because they write it. This book offers a reappraisal which aims to re-establish women's importance at the centre of the worldwide history of revolution, empire, war and peace. As well as looking at the influence of ordinary women, it looks at those who have shaped history.

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LibraryThing member rampaginglibrarian
Wonderful new way of looking at hi.story
LibraryThing member TheoClarke
Wit and a love of language prevent Rosalind Miles' rage at the suppression of women overwhelming this fascinating history of the female experience and the place of women in the world from the earliest times. Her scholarly research supports her contention that the prehistoric religion of a Great
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Goddess came to be supplanted my a phallocentric culture that is only now beginning to be diluted by the liberating influence of contraception. She highlights the many women whose importance is overlooked by established history and celebrates some of those whose names are known. Rewarding in its information and its form, this is a history book to revisit.
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LibraryThing member Welshwoman
I became aware of this book via a column by Sandi Toksvig in The Daily Telegraph. I really feel it's a book which ought to be read by all women, everywhere.


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