Strengthening your grip: Essentials in an aimless world

by Charles R Swindoll

Hardcover, 1982




As only he can, Charles Swindoll combines biblical insights with unforgettable stories that inspire readers to strengthen their spiritual grip on issues such as family, prayer, integrity and purity.


World Wide (1982), Edition: Edition Unstated, 274 pages


Christian Book Award (Winner — 1983)


½ (18 ratings; 3.8)

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LibraryThing member BethanyBible
Strengthening Disillusionment and loss of personal resolve have created an aura of apathy in our day. But bestselling author, pastor and radio minister Charles Swindoll won't let you wallow in that trap. Applying timeless scriptural principles to everyday life as we know it in the 1990s, this book
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will strengthen your will, impart courage, and rekindle your desire for a well-aimed life. Get ready to trade in your half-hearted attitudes for new spiritual vigor - as Swindoll points the way to living confidently and effectively in a seemingly aimless world.
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LibraryThing member texicanwife
Just as the title insinuates, this is basically a "How-To" manual on how to stay grounded as a Christian in a secular world. A world that is fast becoming more and more secular. Never has a time needed Christians to more firmly grounded in their faith and belief than now. To keep a "grip" on those
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truths and promises that God has made for us.

Swindoll, well known minister and teacher, leads into thought provoking spots and scenarios where we know we've all been before. And gives us a guide of how to stay true to our beliefs, even when the chaos is swirling all around us.

I absolutely adored this book. Written in such a way that it wasn't "preachy", but friendly. Like one good friend talking to another. Yu are instantly engaged and ready for more.

I took my time with this book, although a part of me wanted to rip right through it. I wanted to truly absorb this teaching. To make it "stick" with me for the long haul. Life is precious. Life is fun. And it's all too easy to be pulled into what is popular and everyone else is doing if we aren't careful. Swindoll offers you a life preserver to stay afloat for the long haul. Not only that, but he offers you hope and faith that can make this life so wonderful as we anticipate what is to come in the next if we but remain faithful.

I highly recommend this book for all.
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