Knit Socks!

by Betsy McCarthy

Hardcover, 2004






In this best-selling knitting guide, Betsy Lee McCarthy offers 17 classic sock patterns guaranteed to keep your feet stylishly warm. Choosing the right material for your project is made easy with plenty of helpful advice on the qualities of different yarns, including what feels best, what holds its shape, and what really lasts. You can also take advantage of fiber substitution charts and make your own creative variations on these timeless patterns. Slip your toes into one comfortable and cozy knit masterpiece after another.


Storey Publishing, LLC (2004), 144 pages


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User reviews

LibraryThing member seitherin
This book got me knitting socks. Easy, simply instructions.
LibraryThing member JayQueue
Excellent instructions for shaping and basic sock construction. Great diagrams. Socks for every size foot from toddler to adult.
LibraryThing member amandrake
Excellent, excellent, excellent. Learning to turn a heel is so much easier when the pattern helps you keep track of how many stitches you *should* have after each step. After a few pairs of socks it started to make enough sense so that I can almost do it without a pattern (almost.) Also,
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importantly, most patterns are easy to modify, making them a great jumping-off point for designing your own. The book itself is well-made enough so that you can tear out the pages with the design you're working on without destroying the book. Much lighter knitting bag that way.
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LibraryThing member RochesterKnittingGui
Knitters love to make socks. Socks are practical and pretty, cozy and colorful. Sock projects are easily carried in a knitting bag, and the patterns are complex enough to be interesting but small enough to be quickly finished. Plus, socks are always fun to wear and great to give as gifts.

Now Knit
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Socks!, the little die-cut hardcover that sold more than 65,000 copies, is available in a paperback edition that includes two all-new sock patterns. But that’s not all. Sock knitters will find much more in this revision to feed their sock addictions, such as helpful new advice on choosing sock yarns what feels the best, what holds its shape, what really lasts.

And what is a knitter to do if a pattern looks interesting, but she wants to substitute a lighter yarn for the chunky, warm wool specified? A new chart provides alternative yarn weights and the corresponding number of stitches needed for each of the patterns and sizes. Knitters might also want to experiment with two circular needles. Or four double points. There’s advice here for adapting any pattern to any type of needle.

With all the variations and possibilities, Knit Socks! goes far beyond its 17 patterns. Creative knitters will find an endless array of exciting options for keeping feet comfortable, warm, and beautiful.
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