Scarf Style (Style series)

by Pam Allen

Paperback, 2004






Expand your idea of what a scarf can be! This collection of 31 elegant, whimsical, and ingenious scarves taps the expertise of over twenty-five knitwear designers who offer new ways to think about this most basic of garments. Expect to be surprised: a timeless scarf that uses cables and stitch patterns, a "scarf" that functions as a pair of portable sleeves with a turtleneck, a delicate triangular shawl based on traditional Estonian lace patterns, and a deconstructed striped scarf held together with brightly colored bobbles. Although each scarf is an individual interpretation by such prominent designers as Kathryn Alexander, Debbie Bliss, Nancy Bush, Lily Chin, Nicky Epstein, Sasha Kagan, Sally Melville, and Kristin Nicholas when the scarves are considered together, they represent an exploration of techniques that provide new ways to think about knitting and crochet. Scarf Style is also a manual on how to make a scarf without a pattern: With only a pile of leftover yarns or several carefully chosen skeins, any knitter can create an imaginative scarf. A section on knitting and crochet basics helps beginners get started, and the Designer's Notebook provides templates for basic scarves worked in three directions - end to end, sideways, or on the diagonal - along with suggestions for design variations: stitch patterns, stripe arrangements, and shapes. This book is sure to make you into a scarf wearer, and make a knitter or crocheter out of anyone who loves to wear scarves… (more)


Interweave (2004), Edition: First Printing, 152 pages

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User reviews

LibraryThing member SheWhoReads
I was skeptical about the idea of a scarf pattern book -- who needs to buy scarf patterns when it's so easy to come up with your own? -- until I actually looked through it. Not only does this book contain beautiful, original, and intriguing scarf patterns that I'm dying to knit, but it also has a
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"Design Notebook" section with tips and hints on designing your own patterns in the back that is well worth a read in and of itself. I'm sold!
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LibraryThing member ayanlang
Pros: good for beginners and more advanced knitters, has a wide range of styles with something for everyone (kids, men, women, classic, trendy), beautifully photographed, clear instructions. Four or five top-notch designs (Annie Modesitt's leaf scarf, the dragon scarf, the color block shawl, the
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turtleneck shrug). Cons: aggravating lack of schematics for some patterns, and the pretty photography blurs out some essential details of some scarves. Two or three unoriginal patterns that just sell a designer's yarn (Jo Sharp, Debbie Bliss).
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LibraryThing member orangejulia
This book is wildly popular for good reason. There are a wide variety of scarves for different skill levels (from advanced beginner, to highly skilled). The pictures are generally good (though some could be less artsy and show the scarves better) and the directions over all are great.
LibraryThing member Daisydaisydaisy
Lovely patterns, but the photography let it down. A bit too blurry and made it difficult to see some of the designs properly. A shame as otherwise it's a lovely book.
LibraryThing member AbbyR
Lots of beautiful patterns in a well-illustrated book. I would have liked it better if the photographer hadn't insisted on blurring out some of what I wanted to see in the scarf.
LibraryThing member LeesyLou
Some lovely ideas and patterns. A variety of techniques are included: cables, intarsia, lace, color blocking, even crochet (though it seems somewhat out of place). There is something for almost every wearer and knitter, whether your tastes run to large blocks of jewel tones, unusual capelets, or
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Estonian shawls.
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LibraryThing member Justjenniferreading
The scarves and shawls in this book are simply gorgeous. I am actually working on one right now and it is deceptively simple. I want to learn to crochet just to make some of the other scarves in the book.

There are some great beginner patterns as well as the advanced patterns. I want to make just
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about all of them!
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LibraryThing member MarlaF
Beautiful scarves - easy to follow patterns
LibraryThing member RochesterKnittingGui
This collection of 31 elegant and ingenious scarf designs tap the expertise of more than 25 knitwear designers who offer new ways to think about this most basic of garments. Designs by Kathryn Alexander, Debbie Bliss, Nancy Bush, Lily Chin, Nicky Epstein, Sasha Kagan, Sally Melville, and Kristin
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Nicholas are included, representing a varied exploration of techniques that provide innovative ways to think about knitting and crochet. Sections on knitting and crochet basics, making a scarf without a pattern, and a designer's notebook with templates for basic scarves and suggestions for design variations are provided.
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LibraryThing member carlahaunted
Pro: A nice variety of patterns, from traditional to experimental. I plan to eventually make five of these scarves.

Con: Part of almost every large photo of completed scarves is "artistically" fuzzy on the lower half. One photo is even partially obscured by reflections from the window through which
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it was shot! I prefer clean, crisp, and fully visible photographs in knitting books.
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