A Treasury of Magical Knitting

by Cat Bordhi

Paperback, 2004






Projects: Simplest-of-all moebius scarf-basic version, the snuggler, fringed cedar bark, swinging mikado, moebius purl ridge scarf-basic version, merging stripes, color shift moebius, honey lane alpaca, hay bale moebius, moguls moebius, cloud stream edged in blue sky, sandstone and sky felted stripes, moth-eaten moebius, mohair moebius scarf-shawl, mercurial moebius wraps, Scottish wave scarf, arrow lace pathways-basic version, mulberry silk pathways scarf, beaded tresses arrow scarf, sage rhythm wrap, white lacy shoulder wrap, reversible lotus blossom hat, jeweled merino cap, beaded tresses hat, felted moebius boots, basic version, Sophie's mermaid feet, enchanted forest Christmas stocking, buckskin boot, child's woodland boots, seven socklings necklace, rimrock cape, lost trail cape, windy blue sky scarf, undulating autumn scarf.… (more)


Passing Paws Press (2004), 112 pages


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LibraryThing member RochesterKnittingGui
With her latest book, A Treasury of Magical Knitting, Cat Bordhi introduces knitters of all levels to the warm welcome of a simple and mysterious dimension of knitting. Here you will find thirty-three projects, including scarves with one side and one edge, knitted in one fell swoop, like the
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Fringed Cedar Bark Scarf or the Mercurial Moebius Wraps. . . graceful headwear, like the Beaded Tresses Hat. . . felted footwear both practical and functional, like Sophie’s Mermaid Feet . . . the Lost Trail Cape with its four-way convertible collar . . . and the Seven Socklings Necklace.
Cat, who is known for her clear and comprehensive instructions both as a workshop teacher and as the author of the best-selling Socks Soar on Two Circular Needles, has taken outdone herself in this full-color, 112 page coffee table quality book. Instructions for the simple technique are illustrated with close-up photos showing every move, almost like a slow motion movie, accompanied by clear descriptions so that learners of all kinds will find it easy to get started.

This author of novels (Treasure Forest, first of The Forest Inside trilogy, recently won the Nautilus Award for Young Adult Fiction) and knitting books blends the art of fine story-telling with instruction. In her own words:

"Following the unfolding path of a novel is astonishingly similar to following the unfurling flow of a knitting book. Both ask me to simply show up, keyboard or needles in hand, all my senses alert and willing to welcome what wants to meet me. Sometimes I think that it is because I am tame, and so the beautiful creations that populate both novels and knitting books come nibble the grass near my feet. I do not invent any of it. I simply get to be where it is, experiencing it fully so I can share it with you. And if you recognize it, if it sparks something in you, it is because it lives in you too."
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