In search of the old ones : exploring the Anasazi world of the Southwest

by David Roberts

Paper Book, 1996



Call number

E99 .P9R537 1996


New York : Simon & Schuster, c1996.


An exuberant, hands-on fly-on-the-wall account that combines the thrill of canyoneering and rock climbing with the intellectual sleuthing of archaeology to explore the Anasazi. David Roberts describes the culture of the Anasazi-the name means "enemy ancestors" in Navajo-who once inhabited the Colorado Plateau and whose modern descendants are the Hopi Indians of Arizona. Archaeologists, Roberts writes, have been puzzling over the Anasazi for more than a century, trying to determine the environmental and cultural stresses that caused their society to collapse 700 years ago. He guides us through controversies in the historical record, among them the haunting question of whether the Anasazi committed acts of cannibalism. Roberts's book is full of up-to-date thinking on the culture of the ancient people who lived in the harsh desert country of the Southwest.… (more)

User reviews

LibraryThing member cwflatt
If you enjoy the story of the Anastazi and the mystery around the Southwest Native Americans this is a great book. Would be a great way to plan a trip to the area or as in my case encourages me to read Hanted Mesa again. A good read for Native American enthusist, Backpacking, camping enthusist and
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desert entthusist.
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LibraryThing member co_coyote
This book is similar to Craig Childs' book on the Anasazi culture, House of Rain, although Roberts is a little more orthodox in his thinking and less willing to go out on a limb than Childs. Still, reading the two books together will give you an excellent understanding of the culture and people who
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disappeared from the desert southwest in the 12th century.
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LibraryThing member untraveller
Disappointed w/ this....scattered writing w/ not lots of depth to it. Tis hard to understand why all the Naional Parks sell it....doesn't anybody review these things?
LibraryThing member kslade
Fascinating account of the author's travels in the four corners area and other places trying to learn more about the mysterious Anasazi or ancient pueblo people. Makes me want to learn a lot more. The Wetherills from the Mesa Verde area were early ranchers that discovered a lot of places and sound
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like people worth learning about.
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271 p.; 24 cm


0684810786 / 9780684810782



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