The invasion of America : Indians, colonialism, and the cant of conquest

by Francis Jennings

Paper Book, 1975



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F7 .J46 1976


New York : Norton, 1976, c1975.


In this iconoclastic book, Francis Jennings recasts the story of American colonization as a territorial invasion. The traditional history of early America paints the colonies as a transplantation of European culture to a new continent--a "virgin land" in which Native Americans were assigned the role of foil whose main contribution was to stimulate the energy and ingenuity of European dispossessors. Jennings rejects this ideology and examines the relationships between Europeans and Indians from a far more critical point of view. Shorn of old mythology and rationalizations, Puritan actions are seen in the cold light of material interest and naked expansion.

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Jennings was one of the first historians to assimilate the new understanding of what had happened to the thriving Indian civilizations of America when Europe crashed into them; the book fairly sizzles with his outrage, and it's an unforgettable read.


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xiii, 369 p.; 19 cm


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