The Kids Book of World Religions

by Jennifer Glossop

Hardcover, 2003



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Kids Can Press (2003), Edition: 0, Hardcover, 64 pages


By gaining a greater understanding of the cultures and beliefs of people around the world, children build respect and tolerance for the differences that make each of us unique. With objectivity and accessibility, this overview looks at the histories, scriptures, places of worship, religious leaders, gods and major festivals that are the foundations of many of the world's religions. Features a glossary and an index.

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64 p.; 12.31 inches


1550749595 / 9781550749595



User reviews

LibraryThing member cshaw
This book is an overview of the worlds’ major religions. It looks at the history, scriptures, places of worship, and festivals that are the foundations of the world’s major religions. Divided into religions from India, Middle East, East Asia, other continents (Africa, North America, Australia). The book talks about what is Religion, why people believe in religion, how some people do not believe in a god, religious symbols, calendars, maps of world religions, profiles of famous leaders, facts.… (more)
LibraryThing member quicksilvertears
World Religions is just that, an encyclopedia type of picture book all about the major different types of religions from around the world. I most appreciated that the book was informational without any bias toward one religion over another. This book gives the basics of religion, where they are practiced with paintings and photographs that enhance the information given. This book would be well used in a school to talk about the different religions around the world.… (more)
LibraryThing member jrudnick
This book is a great guide to teach students about different religious beliefs and cultures. Many students are curious about other religious beliefs and this book takes a look at the many cultures. The students can compare them to their own cultures and beliefs. The best ages would be 3-6 and this could be used for a religion class. Students can research a certain religious belief and it shows the history and has a glossary at the end.… (more)
LibraryThing member Miriahharrison
While looking inside the book, the book lists many different religions around the world. Religions incluced were India, the Middle East, East Asia, and Africa. It shows pictures of maps where these places are located. It also shows pictures of what the people might wear. It also shows important places that might mean something to their religions.… (more)




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