Celebrating Ramadan

by Diane Hoyt-Goldsmith

Hardcover, 2005



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297 Hoy

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297 Hoy

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297 Hoy





Holiday House (2005), Hardcover, 32 pages


Describes how Muslims celebrate the month of Ramadan, one of Islam's most important celebrations, a time to fast and make amends.

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32 p.; 10.48 inches

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Hoyt-Goldsmith follows a young boy, Ibraheem, and his family during Ramadan. To make this holy month understandable, the author has included some background information about Islam in sidebars and integrated into the text. ... Pronunciation of Arabic words and phrases is given in parentheses
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inserted into the text. There are both glossary and index, but no bibliography. The book is illustrated with clear, often charming, full-color photographs and one map. But the work does have its flaws. The status of women in Islam, a fairly complex subject, is reduced to one sentence. Captions on some photographs could have been clearer and more consistent. ... Despite omissions and minor inconsistencies, Celebrating Ramadan provides a respectful, if superficial, introduction to Islam and Ramadan’s importance in that religious practice. ...
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LibraryThing member roethkegrrl
Written in simple, straightforward, child-friendly language, Hoyt-Sullivan’s Celebrating Ramadan provides an excellent introduction for children to Muslim beliefs and practices. Following the story of Ibraheem, a fourth-grader from New Jersey, the book explains the significance and practices of
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Ramadan, the Muslim holy month. The book also provides background about the religion of Islam, including its five pillars, religious observances and daily prayers, significance of the prophet Muhammad, and the Islamic calendar. There is even a recipe for traditional cookies. A map of the Middle East illustrates areas in which Islam is the primary religion, and pictures throughout the book include explanatory captions that provide information about Ibraheem’s own family history and Muslim culture more generally. Because Ibraheem and his family live in the United States, the book illuminates the practice of Islam in America as well as the religion’s global context. There are even simple explanations of immigration and religious conversion. Educational in tone, this book helps to demystify the culture and beliefs of Muslims without politicizing.
As an ALAN Award winner, Ramadan boasts critical credibility along with its useful factual information. Librarians may want to include this book in children’s collections for its cultural and historical information, and for its child-friendly language and structure. The photo essay format of the book also provides a nice introduction to nonfiction and photojournalism, which could be both visually engaging and the basis for a discussion about these literary forms. Muslim children may enjoy seeing their own cultural beliefs reflected in the book, and non-Muslim children will likely relate to the story of a fellow child as they learn about new ways of life. Particularly given the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan and the prevalence of Islamic and Middle Eastern issues in current media coverage, this book can serve as a resource for children who want or need to learn more about Muslim culture.
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LibraryThing member amandacb
Told from the viewpoint of Ibraheem and his family, this traces the traditions during the holy month of Ramadan. The text is a bit advanced, but the colorful maps, photographs, and sidebars may draw readers in. It begins with a general overview of Islam, and then moves toward a more specific
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discussion of fasting, prayer, and history.
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LibraryThing member BrandiMichelle
This book follows a nine year old Muslim boy as his family celebrates Ramadan. The book provides a concise history of Islam, as well as a description of what the Islamic religion is based on. The language of some of the prayers are provided, which is a nice addition. The story is illustrated with
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photographs of the family.
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