by Goble

Hardcover, 1988





Simon & Schuster Children's Publishing (1988), Hardcover, 32 pages


Retells the Cheyenne legend in which a girl and her seven chosen brothers become the Big Dipper.

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32 p.; 10.1 inches


0027379604 / 9780027379600



User reviews

LibraryThing member bluemopitz
I liked this folktale and Goble's retelling of it. The story is fun and the illustrations are beautiful. I think this book would be great for a curriculum dealing with folktales or Native American culture.
LibraryThing member irisdovie
I enjoyed this book. I found it very sad yet also beautiful. It reminded me a lot of other Native American stories I have read, in which any type of heroic action requires some type of sacrifice. I would use this book in a school setting to show to third or fourth graders to illustrate how different cultures interpret events differently. This story is about the origins of the Big Dipper. I would compare it to other stories of the origins of the Big Dipper.… (more)
LibraryThing member ally.hughes87
A young Native American girl knows she must travel North to find the seven brothers she has yet to meet. When she finds them, she has gifts for them and they quickly call her "sister". They take care of each other, as brothers and sisters do, but one day a messenger comes to take her away.

This took me back to my childhood when I loved to hear the stories of how the stars got to be where they are.

This book could be incorporated with lessons regarding Native Americans (particularly those of the Great Plains) or even to begin a lesson on astronomy.
… (more)
LibraryThing member emilee
Loved the pictures and the story!
LibraryThing member Vania_Coates
An interesting story about both the Native American culture and the creation of the Big Dipper. It speaks of the strength and courage of the girl who left her family to find her seven brothers. Once she found them, they accepted each other immediately and became a family. They had a strong bond that not even the buffalo tribe could shake when they demanded the girl. In their escape, they became the Big Dipper. It is another look into astronomy through the eyes of another culture. To some of us, the stars are only that, stars. To other cultures, the stars are storytellers and people. It is a fascinating concept and to know the stories of stars can make looking into the night sky a different experience.… (more)




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