Trees and Forests/from Algae to Sequoias: The History, Life, and Richness of Forests/Book and Stickers (Voyages of Discovery)

by Scholastic Books

Hardcover, 1995



Call number

582.16 Sch

Call number

582.16 Sch

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582.16 Sch





Scholastic Trade (1995), Edition: Stk, Hardcover, 43 pages


Guides readers back to the source of people's knowledge about a specific subject, then moves them forward through the present to the future. Contains interactive elements including: an embossed page of bark textures, a minibook, open flaps, acetate page, and reusable vinyl stickers.

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43 p.; 8.6 inches

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LibraryThing member joshlopez
Trees and Forests is a book all ages will enjoy, but would be best utilized in a 3rd-5th grade classroom. The book is colorful and glossy, with pages that fold out, revealing more information, and many pictures of trees and animals. The book has some sections that have tactile pictures, like bark,
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that is raised on the page and offers children the chance to feel the simulation of the barks wood. The book also comes with stickers that are labeled to be placed in certain parts of the book.
The book is actually very informative for a children’s research book. The contents include: “How trees came to be”, “From seed to tree”, “The growth of a forest”, “All around the world”, “Day and Night in the forest”, and other information on the inner workings of the forest and its wildlife. The book does not dumb down the science of the trees; it will first explain a certain topic, than go into further detail and use scientific words. All the trees listed in the book are also classified by their scientific name.
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