Medieval Life (Eyewitness Books)

by Andrew Langley

Hardcover, 1996



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Knopf Books for Young Readers (1996), Hardcover, 63 pages


An illustrated look at various aspects of life in medieval Europe, covering everyday life, religion, royalty, and more.

Original publication date

xxxx (1e édition originale anglaise, Eyewitness, Dorling Kindersley Publishing)
1996 (1e traduction et édition française, Les yeux de la découvertes, Gallimard jeunesse)
2002-09-18 (Nouvelle édition reformatée, Les yeux de la découvertes, N° 66, Gallimard jeunesse)
2010-04-01 (Nouvelle édition reformatée, Les yeux de la découvertes, N° 30, Gallimard jeunesse)
2015-02-19 (Nouvelle édition reformatée, Les yeux de la découvertes, N° 16, Gallimard jeunesse)

Physical description

63 p.; 9 x 0.5 inches

User reviews

LibraryThing member JoClare
The wonderful series of "Eyewitness" books is excellent for any library, young or old. Gorgeous high resolution photos, along with just enough facts to capture your interest make for a winning combination.
LibraryThing member bmlg
great pictorial resource for everyday life in medieval northern Europe. I could wish for more detailed captions, and notations of which items are reconstructions and which are originals, but for its intended audience this is very good.
LibraryThing member BrittanyGean
The Eyewitness Medieval Life is a great learning tool for elementary to junior high students to learn about this prior time. The facts are presented in a non-threatening way and there are plenty of beautiful pictures to complement the text. The language is not to scholarly so it is simple enough
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for young readers to grasp the information. There is a glossary at the back so when a reader comes across an unfamiliar term the reader may get the definition and context.
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LibraryThing member PhilSyphe
This short book with its magazine-style layout is excellent for referencing short and concise info from medieval times. The illustrations are superb.
LibraryThing member Abrahamray
Great children’s book on medieval times & the life they led.




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