Bull Run

by Paul Fleischman

Hardcover, 1993



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HarperCollins (1993), 112 pages


Northerners, Southerners, generals, couriers, dreaming boys, and worried sisters describe the glory, the horror, the thrill, and the disillusionment of the first battle of the Civil War.


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112 p.; 6 inches

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Children's Literature
Deborah Zink (Children's Literature) Coiled by time and the battle at Bull Run, these are separate monologues from folks whose lives were forever altered by the Civil War. Together the eight fictional accounts from Southerners and the eight from Northerners tell a whole story of pain, loyalty, and
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disillusionment. This unforgettable lesson encourages youngsters to approach a situation with the knowledge that there are more than two sides to each story; there are as many accounts as there are witnesses. This book will provide insight as well as fine material for student drama. 1994, HarperCollins, $14.00, $14.89 and $4.95. Ages 10 up.
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The Bulletin of the Center for Children's Books
Betsy Hearne (The Bulletin of the Center for Children's Books, March 1993 (Vol. 46, No. 7)) In a sequence of sixty one- to two-page narratives, fifteen fictional characters (and one real general) recount their experiences during the Civil War. A few encounter each other, most meet unawares or not
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at all, but they have in common a battle, Bull Run, that affects-and sometimes ends-their lives. The writing is clean and the idea clear, but too many tracks muddy the water. Some individuals appear three times, some six, but the broad interspersion makes the identity of each difficult to remember and the development of various scenarios hard to follow. The advantage of such a large cast is, of course, the broadly represented range of society, from a bewildered general to a photographer who gets involved in the fighting to a slave determined to follow her freedom where it leads her. Students who perform the work on stage or as readers' theater, which is suggested in an endnote, will have the advantage of visual portrayals to help sort things out, and any reader will find an absorbing amount of information personalized in these all too brief accounts. Ad--Additional book of acceptable quality for collections needing more material in the area. (c) Copyright 1993, The Board of Trustees of the University of Illinois. 1993, Geringer/HarperCollins, 104p, $13.89 and $14.00. Grades 5-7.
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User reviews

LibraryThing member pbadeer
Although I have read this book in the past, I decided to try it again, this time on audio. The audio recording (this one by Recorded Books) was done in a very unique way. The book itself is written in the style where each chapter is written as a first person account by a single individual of
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his/her associations with the Civil War in general, and Bull Run in particular. As the book progresses, those individual show up in multiple chapters throughout, each chapter coming closer to the culmination of the battle itself. What Recorded Books did was assign a different narrator for each character, making for a far more “personal” experience where the voice is recognizable as each chapter begins. (Multi-Actor narrations is not a normal recording style for Recorded Books, and they pulled it off admirably)
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LibraryThing member j_bieber
POW! The sound of gunshots echoed during the Civil War. The beginning of it all started at the Battle of Bull Run. The historical fiction book Bull Run was interesting because of the different points of view used throughout the book.
Bull Run is told by many different characters with different
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likes, hobbies and personalities. The setting is in both the north and the south and in the country. Some people live with poor conditions, some are wealthy and happy. Most people were white, some were black. Men went to war; women stayed home with the children and did chores. Women kids and Africans were not supposed to go to war. Some people hated war, but some favored war like the 11 year old boy named Toby Boyce. He wanted to kill a Yankee, but he wasn’t allowed to go to war because he was so young. The mood of Bull Run is mostly sad depending on the person.
Bull Run tells the stories of people during the war whether they were actually going to war or staying home. Each character had a different perspective on what was going on. People had different hobbies as well. Some had jobs, some were staying at home moms, and some loved horses. The book started by telling what was happening before the war began. Before soldiers went to war, a man named Nathaniel Epp, a photographer, took pictures of soldiers and their families because the soldiers knew they were going to die. The book also went onto explaining the beginning of the war to the end. Many soldiers suffered, but everyone was about to be surprised with the result of the war.
As you can see, the book Bull Run was interesting because of the different points of view. It was a moving and informative book, but is recommended for a more advanced reader. The Battle of Bull Run during the civil war was bloody, but it paid off in the end.
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LibraryThing member rfinnegan
Book Review: Bull Run

POW! POW! POW! POW! The sound of bullets flying. Bull Run, by Paul Fleischman and is Published by Harpercollins 1993 is 102 pages. The book Bull Run was a great historical fiction book. I found the book Bull Run to be a great book because of all the useful information and a
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very unique point of view.
In this book there were many different settings; people told stories from both the North and South. The battle took place in Maryland and Virginia. Bull Run Is a neat book; it is made up of many different short stories of people in the war time period. If you read this book you will find stories about the war from 16 different people. One positive about this book is that it gave stories from the North and South.
Bull Run is told from many different perspectives and that all led up to the battle at Bull Run. This was a tough and hard battle; this book did a good job giving the hardships from both sides. Bull Run was a very exciting and emotional book. One exciting part is when the battle starts. The book shows that more than just the people that were fighting were affected in this war.
I found this book to be very well written. I think this book could be read and enjoyed by boy under the age of 15 that is interested in war. The book gave lots of information; Bull Run shows how the whole country was affected by this war.
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LibraryThing member JoshuaJamesRamsey
Bull Run
“Boom”! A cannon goes off right next to me. So begins the battle for Bull Run. Bull Run is a great book. We can all read the book, thanks to the author, Paul Fleisherman, and the publisher at Publishers` Weekly. It was copy written in 1993 with 104 great pages. The genre is historical
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fiction. Bull Run is one of the first major battles of the Civil War. The book Bull Run is a fantastic book to read, because it is different than most books and it was well written.
The characters in the book are all heading to Bull Run. In the book some people died, but most live. The South and North both had their share of hardships. The South needed to hold down the area because the southern president was going by Bull Run in his train. In the end, the South won the battle and the President for the South rode on by.
There are many characters in the book; it takes place in northern Virginia. The story is from the point of view of the northern people and the southern people. There is really no protagonist in the story; it is really the Union against the Confederates. The tone of the book is that war is not a happy thing; it is very sad.
I think that Bull Run is a great book to read. The book surprised me because I thought I wouldn`t like it. If I had to recommend a book, it would be Bull Run. I would also recommend a book to someone who likes historical fiction, and can handle gruesome words.
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LibraryThing member jersak
Bull Run
By Paul Fleis BOOM! Went the guns and canons in battle and scrape went the forks and knives. Bull Run was written by Paul Fleischman in 1993 and published by Scott O’Dell. Bull Run has 102 pages. Bull Run was an awesome book because it had lost of short stories; it wasn’t just one long
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book. It showed how hard it was for people if you were in the battle or on the home front
It told stories from the points of view of northern people, southern people, and soldiers from both sides and people on the home front. The battle of Bull Run was in the south. It took place on July 21 1861. The south won the battle. They won because they had better tactics; they knew the land and had better battle strategies.
There are a lot of main characters in the book from both sides. They all were headed to Bull Run. some people died but most people lived. Some people thought the battle was just for entertainment. The rich people would pack a picnic, get in there wagons and go to a battle, sit on a hill and eat while watching the battle. The reason why the south held down Bull Run was because the southern president was on a train going past Bull Run and the union would have tried to stop him.
Bull Run was a good book. I liked it because I wanted to keep reading. It left me thinking when a story ended and went on to another. I would recommend it to someone who likes short stories, war, and historical fiction.
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LibraryThing member VYolanda
On July 21, 1861, the first battle of Bull Run happened. Many people went to war for many reasons. There were many hardships in the battle of Bull Run. The book Bull Run was very interesting and exciting with many different characters and experiences.
Bull Run was a difficult war. It took
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place on July 21, 1861. The war was between the North and South. To be in war you would have to meet certain requirements; for example to be white, had to know about war, had to be a man and you had to be 18 years old. Women or Native Americans who wanted to go to war weren’t allowed to participate in the war. But some people did what they could to be able to go to war.
Two stories that stood out to me were Shem Suggs and Toby Boyce. Shem Suggs was a man who loved horses. This man was willing to go to war just to take care of the horses. Toby Boyce was an eleven year old boy who wanted to kill a Yankee. He wanted to go to war, no one wanted and eleven years old lying saying he was 19 or something. He knew if he could play an instrument, so he learned to play the fife. He was a brave to do that.
Bull Run is an amazing battle. Many people showed that they wanted to go to war but others didn’t. His book inspires me and other people too. It is important to do what’s right for our country
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LibraryThing member Cookiemonster123
What book can you read to know about the civil war? Bull Run. It is really interesting. It is fictional except for one character. It is a little sad at times but is very interesting and is a good book too.
This book is serious and sad. It is fiction and has 10-11 character. Also, only one of those
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characters is real, General McDowell. They tell their point of view of what happened to them, during this war. It took place in towns, battle fields and even on a train. There were a lot of different settings in the book.
The story is about how people were affected or felt during the war. It is about people joining the war. Also fighting and even kids wanting join the army and/or to kill a Yankee. Like Toby Boyce he wanted to go to war so bad he practiced the fife just to be in the war band. But when he got there he was scared and thought it would be much different. It’s sad at points in the story and in other points it’s normal, average. Just people trying to get it past them.
I think this book is sad. I wanted to know more about the war, like what happened. It would have been a little bit better if it had a little bit more happier ending. I also recommend this book to people who is interested in the U.S. history and people who have to finish a chapter to stop reading. This book is made of 1-2 page stories.
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LibraryThing member hungergames
There is never just one point of view on anything. Experience all different views of the Civil War in the book Bull Run. Bull Run was written by Paul Fleischman, published by Harper Trophy in 1993 and has 102 pages. Bull Run is historical fiction. The book Bull Run has 2-3 true viewpoints in it.
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The book Bull Run was unique because of all the different viewpoints.
This book has many different settings because of all the different viewpoints. The book includes the following settings: on the battlefield, shops, towns, on the street, and in people’s homes.
The whole point of Bull Run is to give you another idea of what other people felt on the Civil War, not just the soldiers. Throughout the book we got introduced to several different people who shared their viewpoints of what they were going through. Some were from the South and some were form the North. They talked about some of their lifestyles during the civil War era. Some even talked about some of the hardships that they had endured. At times the viewpoints were graphic especially when you came across someone who was describing what it was like on the battlefield. Each person’s perspective also foreshadowed the end of the civil war. It is hard to put the events of this book in any kind of order because it jumped around and was very hard to follow and comprehend.
I believe the author did achieve his purpose because he wanted the reader to realize there is never just the one side of the Civil War. I think he proved it with all the different viewpoints. I felt that the writing was muddled but powerful at the same time. I thought it was powerful because the way the people reacted to the Civil War was it gave you a sense of diversity. The book is very strong with all the support from the different viewpoints. On the other hand the book is weak because it doesn’t give you an exact look on the Civil War. I found the book boring. I only found it boring because I don’t like history. The people I would recommend this book to would be history fans especially if you are a Civil War buff. I would give this book 7 stars because I think it could’ve told a little bit more about what the Civil War was like.
Bull Run is a very strong and powerful book when it comes to the author’s purpose for writing it. The book made me realize you never know the whole story until you’ve listened to all the sides. However, like I stated before, this book jumped around quite a lot which made it hard to understand and follow. I would recommend reading all the northern characters first then read all the southern characters. I would also recommend reading each one of the characters viewpoints back to back and then move on to the next character. Overall, this book had strong connections to what life was like during the Civil War era but was very dull for me as a reader.
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LibraryThing member mbrittain
Excellent covering of the reality of the Civil War in a palatable form for younger readers. Fleicshman's stylistic choices personalize the history of that time whil allowing details of the battle to unfold in a natural way. Very unlike history books. The different speakers allow for the reader to
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understand how far-reaching the effects of conflict are and are a great way to connect the events of the past to current conflicts. Especially powerful was the retelling of more ambivalent characters (the cabman, Upwing and the photographer, Epp) that sided with neither the Union nor the Confederacy.
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LibraryThing member rgruberexcel
RGG: Similar format to Seedfolks (which makes it hard to follow unless you're a committed reader). Potentially a great read-aloud to provide personal perspective of the first battle of the Civil War.
LibraryThing member DanaLD
This historical fiction novel is unique in that the chapters are narrated by lots of different characters; some are from the North and some are from the South; some are soldiers and some are civilians; some are older and some are young adults; some are men and some are women; and some are black and
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some are white. The author uses all of these different perspectives to tell the story of one of the bloodiest battles of all time. This could be used as a Social Studies curriculum connection for fifth grade and up.
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LibraryThing member Mr.awesome84
Bull Run is a fantastic book about a few stories from the time of the civil war which is around 1860.it is made of stories from either side of the war. It is made up of many separate stories from either side of the war.
It is set like this to give you multiple perspectives of a battle that ripped
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through the hearts of America. I personally liked the book because it wasn’t slow. It a good paced book because the chapters (stories) are only about 2 to three pages with the most being around 5.
The book is fictional but all of the stories almost every single one either could happen or already has and they’ve changed it around a little bit, by adding characters or adding some extra action to the story. So that means the book is historical fiction which means it hasn’t happened that anyone knows of but it could have.
My favorite short story was the one of many of Colonel Oliver brattle who joined a brigade to give the staff of General Beauregard’s brigade advice on strategy. After a while he found out that the staff thought that they were in need of no advice at all. They were very arrogant, pompous, and thought that they where the best at everything. Soon after that they found out that they were very wrong I that they had said and how they had acted.
So overall I would say that bull run was a very good and very interesting book that would interest young adults and maybe even some older or younger . it is a good book because it is about some of the most important time in American history and even though it isn’t real being that it is fiction you can really imagine some of the things that are happening and some of the people as if they were real.
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LibraryThing member edwrocks
Bull Run

The book Bull Run, a book that took place during the civil war era was a big part of our history was of monumental importance. The book covers all parts and works of life with its many characters. But it doesn’t finish one story at a time. After a page it switches to another story, only
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to return at random times later in the book.
The book shows this if you can understand the characters, this was the biggest problem with the book. The characters change every page and it doesn’t even tell if the character is north or south this would be easier to tell if there weren’t 50 different characters.
But if somehow you manage to get past the massive confusion the plot is pretty good. It needs more of a place to go, there was no ending event. None of the events were cliffhangers. And at no time was I at the edge of my seat. The lack of excitement was horrible.
This book written by, Paul Fleischman is a book I highly don’t recommend. The characters don’t even meet up or learn their lessen if there even is one. The closest to them learning a lesson is when a character, Toby Boyce doesn’t kill a Yankee. There’s no obstacle to overcome the book made me lose interest immediately I only didn’t want to put it down because I wanted to be done with it
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LibraryThing member mrawsome00
The book Bull Run is an exciting action book about the north and south trying to capture a Maryland town called Bull Run. The book Bull Run is a historical fiction book made by Paul Fleischman. The book was exhilarating because of all the action. The book was ok because of its many characters.
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book Bull Run takes place in Maryland and told through the point of view of many characters both northerners and southerners. The book has themes of racism and slavery. Because of this the tone is very dark.
The book begins with southerners wanting to northerners to a very climaxing battle. The book is about the north and south trying to capture Bull Run. In the climax of Bull Run the north prevails and wins the battle of Bull Run.
The author gave me an enjoyable experience. The is very easy to understand and the pages are just paragraphs. The main strength of this book is its plot. The weakness of this book is its characters because there are so many.
Overall Bull Run is a good book. Like any book it has problems like its many characters. I would give this book 3 and a half stars because of its solid plot but many characters. I would recommend this to anyone who likes the civil war.
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LibraryThing member chow3
Bull Run
In 1994 a book was made by Paul Fleischman called Bull Run. Bull Run is a historical fiction book about the war between the southerners and the Yankees. The book Bull run was very interesting because it was about the civil war and what was about the war and what happened and what was going
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on during the war.
Bull Run is about what was happening during the civil war. Toby Boyce was the main character of Bull Run. He is 11 years old and he is a southerner. His goal is to kill a Yankee because there in a war together and they want to win the war against the north.
Bull Run is about the southerners hating the northerners. The south hated the north because the north was the rich and had more power over the south. The north hated the south because the south wanted slavery and the north didn’t like that. So they had a war against each other called Bull Run.
The author did achieve his purpose because the setting was about how the south hated the north and that really happened in the war. The author wrote this book in a mean way like how the war stared between the north and the south how they hated each other. The north had more power over the south from having more money better equipment than the south. And the south was the weak because they had no equipment and no money to fight in the war. I thought the book was cool because that’s really why the north and south went to war against each other. The book was really good because I like war books and this talked about the war a lot. This book would be good for people who like wars and nonfiction books. I would rate this book an 8 because I like war books but it was kind of hard to understand.
The book Bull Run was a very good book at the end because It got into the war a lot more.
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LibraryThing member CelenaM511
Told from the point of view of an 11 year old boy. I liked the pace of this book.
LibraryThing member Andy_DiMartino
Confusing with the perspectives shifting so much while trying to listen. Should have read it instead

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