All Year Round: Calendar of Celebrations

by Ann Druitt

Other authorsChristine Fynes-Clinton (Author), Marije Rowling (Author), Parenting / Lifeways Series (Series)
Paperback, 1995



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394.2 Dru (c.1)





Hawthorn Press (1995), Edition: 25300th, 316 pages


All Year Round is brimming with things to make, activities, stories, poems and songs to share with your family. It is full of well-illustrated ideas for fun and celebration: from Candlemas to Christmas and Midsummer's day to the Winter solstice.Observing the round of festivals is an enjoyable way to bring rhythm into children's lives and provide a series of meaningful landmarks to look forward to. Each festival has a special character of its own: participation can deepen our understanding and love of nature and bring a gift to the whole family. All Year Round invites you to start celebrating now!


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316 p.; 7.74 inches

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LibraryThing member mama-aya
This is a great "spine" book for a Waldorf family, or any family interested in incorporating seasonal celebrations and crafts into their lives. Chock-full of recipes, stories, songs, crafts, and ideas for decorating and enjoying family life All Year Round.
LibraryThing member wyvernfriend
Concerned mostly with British Festivals and with quite a Christian slant this could be adapted for pagan parents as well. Many of the traditional year festivals are included and it encourages instilling a feeling of the rhythm of the year in children. It's also for parents with time to work with
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