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VISIT THE ADULT LIBRARY, a wonderful place to visit, but still somewhat of a secret. The library is located in the basement level of the church. You may use the elevator or the stairs. The NEW ENTRANCE is now through the downstairs kitchen. Just turn right when you get to the lower level and follow the sign.

"I cannot live without books." -Thomas Jefferson

Thanks to Fr. Josh and his committee, we have a new library cart for the Great Hall. There are a variety of books available to check out. Look for the checkout procedure sheet attached to the cart. There are books for children and youth, and for those who are interested in learning more about the Episcopal Church...for newcomers as well as old-timers. We also have books to accompany and complement the current Adult Formation classes, and some titles by the popular author Brene Brown.

- Diane Moore, Parish Librarian

VISIT THE CHILDREN’S AND YOUTH LIBRARY The children’s and youth library is in the basement by the nurseries. There are three main sections. Underneath the window are the picture books for the younger crowd. These are shelved according to the first initial of the author’s last name. On the large shelves near the wall are the chapter and teen books. The teen books are on the top shelf and have a “teen” label on the spine. The other shelves contain the chapter books for independent readers, approximately grades 3 to five.

Remember, CHILDREN'S BOOKS ARE NOT ONLY FOR CHILDREN. Adults can also enjoy them.

- Linda Tiffany, Parish Children's Librarian

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