A testament of devotion

by Thomas R. Kelly

Other authorsDouglas V. Steere (Biographical Memoir)
Paperback, 1979



Call number

I C KEL 1979


London : Quaker Home Service, [1979, 1941]

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LibraryThing member ElizabethAndrew
Friends recommended this book when they heard my 2012 New Year's resolution was to not be overwhelmed by life. A good dose of Quakerism is a nice antidote. I can't say Thomas Kelly led me to calm and simplicity, but he did offer me understanding: "For, except for spells of sickness in the family
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and when the children are small, when terrific pressure comes upon us, we find time for what we really want to do." With a small child, yes, living a focused life of service can be hard.

While his language and theology are old fashioned, Kelly's faith nonetheless inspires me:

I am persuaded that religious people do not with sufficient seriousness count on God as an active factor in the affairs of the world. “Behold, I stand at the door and knock,” but too many well-intentioned people are so preoccupied with the clatter of effort to do something for God that they don’t hear Him asking that He might do something through them.
…For the Eternal is urgently, actively breaking into time, working through those who are willing to be laid hold upon, to surrender self-confidence and self-centered effort, that is, self-originated effort, and let the Eternal be the dynamic guide in recreating, through us, our time-world. 71-74.

I want to pray unceasingly, as Kelly describes. The joy of spiritual community he portrays seems impossible to me, but I want it nonetheless. Most of all, I want to face this complex world with profound trust. I'm grateful for the guides that help me on this journey.
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LibraryThing member vquakerb
One of my all-time favorite devotional/inspirational works.
LibraryThing member PJCWLibrary
This book contains six essays: A Biographical Memoir by Douglas Steele, The Light Within, Holy Obedience, The Blessed Community, The Eternal Now and Social Concern and The Simplification of Life.
The power and appeal of this book is seen by the fact that it has remained in print from 1941 to the
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present (2018).
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I C KEL 1979


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