Wheel on the Chimney

by Margaret Wise Brown

Other authorsTibor Gergely (Author)
Hardcover, 1954



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J.P. Lippincott (1954), 32 pages


A pair of storks raise their young on a rooftop in Hungary and then join other storks as they migrate from Europe to Africa for the winter.

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LibraryThing member rachel0217
This is a great book that can inform children about birds going to different countries. The book is very colorful and informative.
LibraryThing member lewaddell
This book is informative about storks, migration patterns, and different countries. Also it talks about how storks bring good luck to the houses they decide to nest on top of. One stork gets tired on his journey back North for spring and lands on a ship. The captain of the ship gives him food and a
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chair to nest in. Once the bird regains energy he flies off the ship and finds other storks to migrate with.
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LibraryThing member kthomp25
At first I thought this 1954 book looked dated and boring. But, upon a closer look, I have decided I like this story. Not knowing much about storks, I have learned that many consider a stork to bring good luck. Evidently, people attempt to attract nesting pairs by placing wheels on chimney tops for
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them to use a nesting base.

I also discovered that they are related to, of all things, flamingos!and greet them upon the southern end of their migratory path.

The book follows a cycle of Spring and birth, Winter and flight south, and then the trail North again. Children should enjoy the pattern as well as the colorful pictures and the introduction to the types of storks, black and white.
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LibraryThing member jewolf
This Caldecott winner is a great book to teach children about migration patterns and storks. It shows a full life of a stork and how they fly from place to place as the weather changes. Very pretty illustration to compliment the story. It is an fiction book but also informational to young children.
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I thought that the author did a good job by teaching as well as entertaining. I would use this book to teach children about birds and their migration patterns.
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LibraryThing member Madisonrr
This book was about the start of a family of stork who got hrough the process of life untill the babies go off on thier own, and the process starts all over once again. This can teach children the procss of life, and always help the ones who are someday may help you.
LibraryThing member jbarr5
Wheel on the chimney by Margaret Wise Brown
So happy to find yet another of Margarets book that her estate has released.
This one is about storks that make their nest on top of the wheel at a farmers house.
Interested how the wheel gets there and what happens to the stork over the course of the
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I received this book from National Library Service for my BARD (Braille Audio Reading Device).
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LibraryThing member DianeVogan
This is a good story with beautiful illustrations.


Caldecott Medal (Honor Book — 1955)


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