Let's Go for a Drive! (An Elephant and Piggie Book) (An Elephant and Piggie Book, 18)

by Mo Willems

Other authorsMo Willems (Illustrator)
Hardcover, 2012



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Hyperion Books for Children (2012), Edition: Illustrated, 64 pages


Elephant Gerald and Piggie want to go for a drive, but as Gerald thinks of one thing after another that they will have to take along, they come to realize that they lack the most important thing of all.

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LibraryThing member Sarahg3
I think this book is really great. I like how the writing makes you feel like you are part of the book. It makes it so exciting for the kids and they keep asking for more elephant and piggy books. This book was fun because elephant and piggy try to go for a drive and then realize they don't have a
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LibraryThing member pussreboots
Let's Go for a Drive by Mo Willems is the eighteenth Elephant and Piggie book. It's also one of my favorites. I know it seems like I say that about each and every one, but this time I really mean it.

Gerald and Piggie decide it's time to go for a drive. They're very thorough and go through all the
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items on their list for a successful drive.

But — the kicker is of course the most obvious thing — the car. Do they have one? Do they know how to drive? Maybe they should hire Cat the Cat as their chauffeur because the answer to the previous questions is no.
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LibraryThing member aevans1
This book is fun to read and does give a good lesson for sharing but is not quite of the caliber as some of the other Mo Williams books.These books are perfect for beginning readers with really funny illustrations.
LibraryThing member GeorginaMV
Let's Go for a Drive!" is a great adventure, where we see Piggie and Gerald the Elephant doing all the important road trip preparations. The two pals spend most of the story going through their list in a happy-go-lucky-song-and-dance fashion, for example: "MAP!" "I have a map!" "Map! Map!
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Mappy-map-map!" and so on. The repetition and overall silliness of the two make this book a great read aloud for story times as well as beginning readers. Children and adults are drawn in by the enthusiasm of the characters. This book is enjoyable to read! - Gina
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LibraryThing member Sullywriter
Elephant and Piggie hit the road.
LibraryThing member JenJ.
The usual madcap Piggie and Gerald zaniness with an ending that makes perfect sense when you get there. This ranks up there with some of my favorite Elephant and Piggie adventures.
LibraryThing member KimJD
Gerald and Piggie fans will eat this one up.
Gerald the Elephant is in fine form, planning the drive that he and Piggie will take. And Piggie is a trouper-- as he throws out plans, she comes up with the map, the sunglasses, the umbrella, the suitcases. She's on a roll... until it's time to come up
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with the car.
But hey, if you can't go for a drive, there's always a game of pirates.
Mo Willems rocks.
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LibraryThing member phoenixcomet
Elephant and Piggie are back and they want to go for a drive, and I can't help but laugh.
LibraryThing member melodyreads
great repetition and silliness!
LibraryThing member adscrim
I had very mixed feelings about this book when I read it. I love Mo Willems' illustrations, and I this his writing is fun, but the problem is the dynamic between Elephant and Piggie. Elephant is a demanding control freak, and I felt really bad for Piggie the entire time I was reading. Elephant
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would yell and make him go grab stuff, and when he didn't have a car, Elephant was disappointed. It did end well with saying what a "good pal" Piggie was, but I was not a fan of the example that Elephant set throughout the rest of the book. Could have been better.
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LibraryThing member alizastein
Best buds Elephant and Piggie want to go for a drive today but they must to get ready first and gather all the things they will need. As they check things off the list, they realize they’re missing the most important thing. As anticipated, the award winning Mo Willems captures and entertains
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readers, young and old. Willems cleverly creates a humorous yet rich story with very limited text and incorporation of highly animated and expressive illustrations. The characters seem very much alive on the page and preliterate children can easily tell the story from the pictures alone. Early readers will be eager to read this amusing story captured in speech bubbles with short sentences that follow a repetitive nature.
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LibraryThing member bblender
Mo Willems has created yet another funny and enjoyable Elephant and Piggie story. During this story Gerald and Piggie are all excited to go on a drive. They have been collecting things that they need and the thinking of even more things to bring. Pretty soon, Gerald and Piggie have a massive pile
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of very needed things to take on their drive. It isn't until the end of the book that Gerald and Piggie realize they are missing one VERY important piece...a car!
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LibraryThing member jlaurendine
Elephant and Piggie decided that they wanted to go for a drive! They collected everything they thought they would need for a drive, from maps to sunglasses to umbrellas. However, after they collected everything they needed, they realized that they didn't have a car! They were stymied and trying to
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figure out what to do, and then decided to use the items for the drive they had collected to play Pirates!
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LibraryThing member npetzold
This elephant and piggie book deals with the two goofy characters and their plan to go for a drive. They gather up all the items that they need and want for their trip up until they realize that they don't have a car!
LibraryThing member Cheryl_in_CC_NV
Found in a library while on vacation. Perfect accompaniment experience to a road-trip. Gotta love these friends.
LibraryThing member tbeard76
Elephant and Piggie want to go for a drive. They have everything ready to go when they realize they are missing the most important item of all...the car!
LibraryThing member kmann63
This book is very engaging and cute for all ages but especially beginning readers. I could see recommending this book for K-2nd grade. I think they would really enjoy all of the illustrations and the silly "voices" that you could introduce with these characters.
LibraryThing member MrsBond
I was so excited to unpack this book today, I had to share it with the next class that walked into the library. 4th grade connected the story to planning ahead and problem solving.


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