by William Steig

Hardcover, 2000



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Simon & Schuster Books for Young Readers (2000), Edition: Reissue, 48 pages


Letters and numbers are used to create the sounds of words and simple sentences 4 u 2 figure out with the aid of illustrations.

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LibraryThing member readafew
This is just a book where you read letters and numbers out loud to 'understand' what is being written. Silly little book probably good for elementary school age kids.
LibraryThing member curioussquared
One of my favorite books of all time! My dad loves these little things and I have really fond memories of reading it with him as a kid.
LibraryThing member tloeffler
One of my very favorite books of all time.
LibraryThing member madamepince
A great read aloud of upper elementary kids.
LibraryThing member michelleraphael
I wanted to give five stars but some parts of this book are quite hard to understand. This book is get for students that spell words the way they sound. The best part is "I M 2 O-L 4 U."
LibraryThing member Ms.Penniman
Retelling: This is not a story so much as a series of puzzles. Author and cartoonist William Steig and his wife and collaborator Jeanne use letters in the English language that sound like words to create sentences. For example, the title of the book, "C D B!" means "See the bee." The illustrations
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in the book will help you crack the code if you can't right away and there is an answer key at the end if you get too stuck.

Thoughts and Feelings: Reading this book was a little like learning to read all over again. First you make the sounds, then you change them a bit, then you put the emphasis in a different place or use a different tone and eventually a whole sentence with meaning emerges! I found it delightful!
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LibraryThing member Klefort
Okay, this book is VERY confusing!! Steig uses letters as codes on the pages, which he defines in the back. The illustrations give some hints to decoding the letters, but not too much. I had a difficult time trying to translate the codes. I wouldn't read this book out loud without first studying
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the definitions because I wouldn't want to look like a fool. However, I bet the kids would have a blast laughing at me trying and I can almost guarantee that they would get the translations faster and better than I could.
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LibraryThing member dukefan86
Another delightful book by William Steig! I enjoyed sharing this one with my students, and I've kept a personal copy of it after all these years. Figuring some of the words out reminds me of deciphering some car license plates. The delight in figuring some of them out put a smile on my face! I
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hadn't picked this book up in several years, so a few of them took me a few seconds to figure out! Didn't mind, though--that much longer to enjoy! The illustrations are fun, and there's a key to the letter-sentences in the back of the book.
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LibraryThing member Molecular
This is the most awesome book for kids in the world. I remember this book like it was yesterday. Making the sounds and trying to figure out which words they were trying to mean. When I got each one I was simply enthralled. I would do the happy dance all through the halls into the kitchen to show my
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Mom that I had succeeded. I was a happy girl. In a sense I was reading, even though I was too young to read at the time. Even now, I remember how happy this book made me.

As an example, the books name CDB comes with a picture of a large bee and a flower - meaning

S e e t h e B e e

When I recognized that I was ecstatic. I was over the moon. To this day those three letters in succession will make me smile. I think all parents should get their kids this book. Make their brains work hard for rewards, instead of having everything presented to them on a silver platter in multimedia. How else will their brains grow if you don't?

CDB is one of my all time favorite childrens books and I absolutely love it.
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LibraryThing member kfh2
This book is simply a series of letters meant to represent whole words. A young reader who enjoys puzzles would probably enjoy this book very much.
LibraryThing member kfrost32
This book is an informational book but has no words in it. The main focus is working on how letters sound when pronounced out loud. I thought the book was cool at first but then it seemed to drag on and by the end of the book I was bored because there was no plot or storyline to it. This was
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written over 40 years ago so I think that it is a good book to have children read to know how to pronounce letters but that is about all it is good for.
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