The Tale of Samuel Whiskers or The Roly-Poly Pudding (Book 16 of 23)

by Beatrix Potter

Hardcover, 1986



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Warne (1986), 81 pages


Tom Kitten happens upon the rats' quarters and is nearly made into a roly-poly pudding for their dinner.

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LibraryThing member lisa211
Tabitha Twitchet has three very naughty kittens, Moppet, Mittens and Tom Kitten; whom she keeps on loosing tracks on. One day, they went missing once more, but as she search high and low, she could only find Moppet and Mittens. Tome however, didn't go missing, but merely hiding in the chimney only
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to be captured by a enormous Samuel Whiskers. His wife begins to prep up the ingredients to turn the terrified Tom into a "Kitten dumpling roly-poly pudding"

This is a cute story, with quite a plot that could turn and twist your kids in gasping suspense. Aid with beautiful illustration to aid your children in nurturing them with absolutely healthy imaginations. I actually enjoy reading this as well.
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LibraryThing member haldemac
The story of how a mischievious kitten named Tom meets a clever rat named Samuel. Potter's illustrations are amazing in detail and movement.
LibraryThing member librisissimo
This story has the usual enchanting paintings by Potter, but the tale is odder than usual, and might actually frighten small children into being scared of rats that make kittens into puddings by rolling them in pastry.
A lot of the words describing ordinary household items of Potter's day will be
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largely incomprehensible without adult help.
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