The Happy Hollisters and the Cuckoo Clock Mystery (The Happy Hollisters, No. 24)

by Jerry West

Other authorsHelen S. Hamilton (Illustrator)
Hardcover, 1963



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Doubleday (1963), Edition: 1st, 176 pages


It was a small note-written in German. Pete Hollister found it hidden in the door of a broken cuckoo clock. When the note was translated, the Hollister children were jubilant. The message was a riddle that made little sense to them-but it was the first clue in a brand-new mystery. Imagine their surprise when Mr. Hollister announced that the whole family-Pete, Pam, Holly, Ricky, and little Sue-were going to Germany to buy toys for their shop, The Trading Post. Now the children could find the wood carver who had made the cuckoo clock and ask him what the puzzling message meant. Just as the family prepared to board the jet for Europe, someone snatched the damaged clock from Ricky! When the children visited the famous old wood carver in the Black Forest town of Triberg, they began to untangle the riddle in the message. Then it became a race against a band of desperate thieves to find a valuable golden cuckoo clock which had been stolen from a German museum. It involved them in a wild chase and a thrilling boat ride down the Rhine. The Hollisters do their special sleuthing in a new setting and enjoy another fascinating mystery-adventure.Hardcover; 195 pages with 20 illustrations and 18 bonus pages.… (more)

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LibraryThing member jbarr5
The Happy Hollisters and the Cuckoo Clock Mystery by Jerry West
One mystery is the note on the inside of a broken clock since Joey had hit the birdie when he came out...
The family will travel to Germany for several weeks for the dads business. They are also on the lead to find a craftsman who
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can make a lion shape for a friend.
Love the sketches throughout the book.
They also need to find out more about the note as many others on their journey are after them and what Pam carries in her purse...
Love the site seeing and the locations where they do stop. SO cool.
Adventures on the Rhine, this is priceless as the bad guys are being pursued.
Love how this one came out and the solution thanks for Joey.
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