A Time to Dance

by Karen Kingsbury

Paperback, 2001



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W Pub Group (2001), 322 pages


Fiction. Literature. Romance. Christian Fiction. HTML: Now a Hallmark Movies & Mysteries channel event, A Time to Dance is a powerful story of the resilience of love. John and Abby Reynolds are the perfect coupleā??envied by their friends, cherished by their children, admired by their peers. But John and Abby know they're just pretending to be happy. In fact, they're waiting for the right time to tell the kids they're going to divorce. But at the family meeting where they plan to tell their children, Nicole shares a surprise of her own: she's getting married. How can they spoil her joy with their announcement? They can pretend a little longerā??until after the wedding. But questions begin to haunt them as the date draws nearer. What happened to the love and commitment that held them together for so long? Is it still there somewhere under all the pain and misunderstanding? And is it still possible, alone in the moonlight on an old wooden pier, to once more find . . . a time to dance? The first novel in Karen Kingsbury's celebrated series about the power of commitment and the amazing faithfulness of God.… (more)


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LibraryThing member kristicw
This book was terribly depressing. The main characters were more than just ugly the entire book - until the last two pages. I know that Kingsbury was trying to portray the ugly side of marital strife and divorce, but I don't want to hang out there so long.
LibraryThing member PeaceUMC
They celebrated their love with a dance. But will it end in divorce?

John and Abby Reynolds were the perfect couple, sharing a love born of childhood friendship and deep family ties. They are envied by their friends, cherished by their children, admired by their peers. But John and Abbey are about
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to lose it all. On the verge of having an affair, John is no more the man Abby married than she is the long-ago girl of his dreams. They are strangers whose days of dancing seem gone forever.

They gather their three children to announce their plans, but before they can speak, their daughter makes an announcement of her own; she's getting married in the summer.

Abby and John determine not to ruin their daughter's season of happiness, but as the wedding nears they are haunted by questions. Is the decision they've made irreversible? Are there times when marriage--even the marriage between two people of faith--is truly beyond repair? And is it possible, alone in the moonlight on an old wooden pier, to once more find...a time to dance?

Discover the resiliency of boundless love, the power of commitment, and the amazing faithfulness of God in A Time to Dance.
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LibraryThing member rfinch
This is one of my favorite books. I love when I come across a book that is fiction, but has a powerful message that I learn from. This book shows the power of God, forgiveness and how we need to fight for our marriages. Excellent book!
LibraryThing member EdnaT
In this novel, Karen Kingsbury introduces Abby and John Reynolds and their family. Almost 22 years of marriage under their belt John had started a little fooling around with another woman teacher at his school and Abby was beginning to email a little too much to her editor friend. She is a stay at
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home mom and writes for magazines. Abby and John have three children a 20 year old daughter, an 18 year old son and a 10 year old son, they had lost their second little girl when she was four months old with crib death. John and Abby find themselves so pulled apart that they both were ready to divorce but they wanted to wait until the perfect time to tell their children. John is a high school football coach and their son Kade was a senior and he played football, so they were waiting until after the championship that they won to tell the kids about the breakup. But, when they though they had found the perfect time and called a family meeting their daughter and her boy friend announced their engagement, so they could not ruin this time for her.

Through prayers and a series of divine interventions, the couple realizes that love is a choice, not a feeling. I really enjoyed reading this book; did not like all the football talk in it but that was what it was about a long line of football coaches and player, so what else would they talk about. I am just not a sports fan but the book was really good.

I received this book free from Thomas Nelson Publishers as part of their BookSneeze book review blogger program.
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LibraryThing member edspicer
This book is very well written and really keeps your attention so you don't want to put it down. 4Q4P The cover art was okay and I recommend this book for middle school and high school students. I chose this book because I love the author and have enjoyed other books by her in the past. JanaP
LibraryThing member Auj
This is my first Karen Kingsbury novel and it may be my last. I have a number of issues with the story. One being that it goes on much too long. It would make a great short story. Don't get me wrong, I love long books, but this one seemed to drag on and on. John and Abby hear God's voice speaking
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to them and both of them ignore what He is asking them to do and trying to do it their own way. My second problem is with the supposition that their kids have no idea that things aren't right with their parents' marriage. Come on - kids know a lot more than we give them credit for. Third, the mother-in-law coming in to the family is Southern, but Kingsbury obviously doesn't know much about the Southern idioms since she gives Jo lines like "It must be harder than the steel trap over a sewer drain." and "I'm as wide open for suggestions as a great white at breakfast time." These were ridiculous to me.

My kIndle copy had many, many typos and was difficult to read. I decided I wanted to finish, so finally began skimming for the last 30% of the book.

Basically, I enjoyed the story line, I liked the Christian focus, but I really would not recommend to others unless they knew my reservations at the start.
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LibraryThing member SherylHendrix
An insightful look at the kinds of issues that can divide couples and lead to divorce, and the remedies available when forgiveness and God's grace enter the picture.
LibraryThing member Northern_Light
I really enjoyed this book which clearly showed how complacency can set in when a couple have been maried for a long time. The protagonists are just about to announce they are getting a divorce when their daughter announces her engagement so they put off the divorce until after her wedding.

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story follows how they cope through this time while not leting the family know. They have in many ways come away from God and are suffering the consequences.

My only real problem was that it was very American with some things confusing for me such as Kade's graduation.
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