Black Stallion and Satan

by Walter Farley

Other authorsMilton Menasco (Illustrator)
Hardcover, 1977


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Random House (1949)


When the Black is returned to Alec Ramsey, the whole racing world, including Alec himself, wonders which horse is faster: the great stallion or his son, Satan.

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LibraryThing member mirrani
When I read Farley's work I am always amazed at how capable he is of capturing the essence of action and suspense in his adventure stories. You would think that he carried a tape recorder around with him and dictated chaotic events as they were happening so that they could be used later, because
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the action is so perfectly done, it's as if you're watching it or listening to it yourself. All of this is done without the lengthy descriptions that some authors rely on to express danger or distress. The masterful way that Farley can give just the right amount of information to engage your brain while letting your imagination automatically fill in the rest is simply beyond measure.

Young readers will love his action-packed story of the Black's return and will find their hearts racing as he and his son battle the blaze so often depicted on the cover of the book. But adults be warned, you won't be able to put this one down either. If you loved the series as a child, you'll be picking it up again and enjoy every minute as if it was the first time.
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LibraryThing member velyrhorde
Who is the fastest horse alive: The Black, legendary wild stallion who burns up the racetrack, or his son, Satan? When a forest fire sweeps through the countryside, the horses of Hopeful Farms must race for their freedom. And The Black and his son are head-to-head in a match race for life. Walter
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Farley knows horses, and this is another fine read for adventure- and horse-lovers of all ages.
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LibraryThing member satyridae
Now this is more like it. The Black is back, with his small, proud head, his finely molded muzzle, his arrogant carriage! And Alec, impetuous and wrong-headed, sure of himself and his stallion. Also Henry, wise, grizzled and always right. Plus adventure! Fires! Horse fights! Horse races! Police
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Every bit as good as I remembered, but I'd forgotten the painfully awful Italian dialect Farley put in the mouth of Tony who is always referred to as "the huckster". Itsa beeg, beeg shame, thatsa what I mean, anna itsa gonna cost ol' Meester Farley onea hees stars.
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LibraryThing member fuzzi
The Black is back in New York, but the question remains: in a race with his son, Satan, who would be in front at the wire?

Good entry in the The Black Stallion series.


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