Western Junior League Cookbook

by Ann Seranne

Hardcover, 1988


Call number

General Cookbooks -- SER

Call number

General Cookbooks -- SER


Random House Value Publishing (1988), Hardcover, 542 pages


A delectable melting pot of Western cooking from the Mountain States, the Southwest, Western Canada, Mexico, California, and the Pacific Northwest. Imagine Roast Wild Duck with Currant Sauce, Lemon Rice, Chinese Vegetables with Cashews, Whipped-Cream Biscuits, and, for dessert, Apricot Jam Strudel. For heartier appetites, a great feast might include Hot Clam Rolls, California Chunky Chili, Maple Barbecue Spareribs, True Grit Souffl#65533;, Sourdough Bread, and Huckleberry Walnut Cream Cake. For a Mexican brunch, you might try Nachos topped with green chilies, Fiesta Guacamole, Chicken Enchiladas with Pi#65533;ata topping, and Mamacita's Pinto Beans and Corn Azteca on the side, finishing with Old-Fashioned Mexican Flan. From elegant cuisine to down-home cooking, you'll find The Western Junior League Cookbook has something for every taste.… (more)

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542 p.; 9.1 inches
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