Rainbow Six

by Tom Clancy

Hardcover, 1998



Fiction. Suspense. Thriller. HTML:In this #1 New York Times bestselling John Clark thriller, author Tom Clancy takes readers into the shadowy world of anti-terrorism and gets closer to reality than any government would care to admit... Ex-Navy SEAL John Clark has been named the head of Rainbow, an international task force dedicated to combating terrorism. In a trial by fire, Clark is confronted with a violent chain of seemingly separate international incidents. But there is no way to predict the real threat: a group of terrorists like none the world has ever encountered, a band of men and women so extreme that their success could literally mean the end of life on earth as we know it.


½ (1102 ratings; 3.7)


Colorado Blue Spruce Award (Nominee — 2003)

User reviews

LibraryThing member jchancel
This is a great book. This is the first Tom Clancy book that I have read. When I first picked it up I was worried that my short attention span might be taxed by so lengthy a book. This was not the case at all. The concept of the international anti-terrorist squad is just plain cool. The only reason
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I didn't give this book five stars is that I found the main terrorist plot a little bit of a reach. However, it still makes for a great thriller, good for anyone who likes modern military fiction.
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LibraryThing member ulfhjorr
One of Clancy's better efforts for sure. I've long enjoyed the character of John Clark and this book thrusts him into the limelight. There are, of course, the unbelievable elements to be found in all books of this sort, but the book is largely very good.
LibraryThing member Zare
In order to fight terrorism US and their allies from NATO form a multinational special forces outfit. Unit is lead by John Clark and soon finds itself fighting increasing number of terrorists attack throughout the world. Finally true perpetrators are identified and they are not what many [or even
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anyone] would consider to be common foe.

I especially like the ending.

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LibraryThing member etimme
This is the first book of Clancy's that I have read, and I liked it a lot. The author has a very methodical style of writing that is elevated by the large amount of research he does for his subject matter. The book was long, but Clancy squeezed an incredible amount of narrative into a very readable
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I found his technique of internal monologue to be a little distracting, but it worked well in the context of the story, and was a natural match for his overall writing style, so it is hard to fault the author for that. Towards the end of the book my chief complaint was that his characters were all one-dimensional, and on the whole that's still true, but he finished the book in a satisfying way and showed that in his world everyone is defined by an internal moral compass that is a shade of grey. If anything, I would have liked to have seen more from the side characters in this book, who you never feel like you get to know.
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LibraryThing member kthclark
Tom Clancy is at the top of his game with this novel (I have always been a big Tom Clancy fan). This story is filled with suspense and amazingly detailed action scenes; this book is a non-stop thrill ride. Not only does Clancy create wonderfully detailed characters, he also created a plot that is
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very believable. It almost seems as if it was ripped from today's headlines. I strongly recommend this book to anybody who is a Clancy fan or enjoys a suspenseful and believable plot. There is also a video game based on the book, many high school students may be turned onto this book by first playing the video game.
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LibraryThing member tyroeternal
Although it is an imposingly large book, I moved quickly through it. Each moment of action I found myself unable to put the book down. This is the second Clancy book I've read, and I have no intention of stopping here. The characters are well developed and the story pulls you in and keep you
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turning pages till the end.
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LibraryThing member allen1993
Rainbow six is about an elite and secret team of special forces anti-terrorist group. Kind of like Delta Squadron, but alot better.
I read this book because I loved the game made from it. The problem was, being an adult book, i didn't get it. It was the first adult book I ever read and it also
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taught me not to judge that a book is good just because a movie or game made from it was. If i re-read it now, it might be easier to understand, but the book is very long so i don't really plan to.
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LibraryThing member santhony
Focuses on one of the peripheral characters from earlier Clancy novels, Navy SEAL John Clark. Clark travels to England to form, train and deploy a super secret anti-terrorism force. Excellent story.
LibraryThing member heathernkemp
This is Clancy doing what he does best--highly skilled soldiers in a high-stakes international conflict.
LibraryThing member medievalmama
This is the first Clancy book I ever read and my second favorite. It offers plot, locations across Europe, high plausibilty, and what appear to be very well worked out logistics, with a cast of characters that the reader wants to win. I would start with earlier ones in the Clark series, like
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_Without Remorse_, and _Clear and Present Danger_ to get a feel for Clark's and Ding's backgrounds because this one is heavily reliant on complex interrelationships.
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LibraryThing member rhohnholt
Took me about three years to finish this one. Got half way through and lost interest. But once I picked it up again I liked it.
LibraryThing member jpsnow
A fun, fast-paced read with some very gripping scenes. It also explores how extremist environmentalists are hypocrites.
LibraryThing member Whicker
Thoroughly enjoyable, a great read. Clancy weaves a plot that no other author could make believable.
LibraryThing member MrsHillReads
Nobody does this type of fiction better than Tom Clancy. Generally, people either love or hate his books...I love them!
LibraryThing member nm.fall07.j.johnsick
this book is a great way to find time in your life to sit down and read it, I would recommend people to read this book because it takes you in the mind of one the main characters
LibraryThing member reading_fox
The later years of John (Kelly) Clark. Ryan is the president, and John and domingo get co-opted into a new hard hitting task force. Nowhere near as good as his early work, the plot is an improved biological weapon and a few terrorist incidents. Characters, especially the bad guys lack depth.
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readable but probably only on long journeys.
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LibraryThing member militarygirl27
It was a pretty easy read, but the storyline was amazing.
LibraryThing member Lynngood
Featuring John Clark, the ex-Navy Seal known from several of Clancy's novels, as the dark side of Jack Ryan, this is Tom Clancy's new and most extraordinary novel. John Clark is the man who conducts the secret missions President Ryan can have no part of. Whether hunting warlords in Japan or
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druglords in Colombia, Clark is efficient and deadly but even he has ghosts in his past. And nowhere more than the peril he must face in Rainbow Six: a group of terrorists the world has never encountered before. This is Tom Clancy's most shocking story ever - closer to reality than any government would care to admit.
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LibraryThing member jediphil683
Probably my favorite Clancy book, mostly because the blind "let's go America" patriotism takes a backseat to characterization and plot. Granted, that has a lot to do with its international cast of characters (not to mention setting), but I think he actually stretched his muscles here. The book's
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the better for it.
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LibraryThing member Hae-Yu
People either love or hate Clancy. I am in the former group. His books border close to hardcore science fiction in that everything he writes on - the plot, every device, the politics, capabilities and motivations, is within the realm of the possible. Just as he anticipated 9/11 (some may argue,
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inspired) and stealth machines in this book he anticipates (1998) a rise in non-nation sponsored terrorism and the ease in which fringe groups can cause outsize results as well as increased emphasis on special forces units to contain them.

This story focuses on 2 minor characters from the earlier Jack Ryan novels, John Clark and Domingo Chavez. They are working to stand up a new multinational counterterrorism unit with the support of the intel, military, and police forces of many nations. In it's infancy, it must fight an usually large number of seemingly isolated terrorist incidents that test the new unit's skill while an even greater danger lurks in the shadows.

His writing is easy to follow and flows quickly. As a measure, I took almost 2 wks to read Churchill's The River War, clocking in at just under 400 pages. This 900 pg novel took me roughly 3 days - maybe 9-11 hrs.

There are no obvious typos and editing is solid. There seems to be a minor continuity issue: characters seem to switch from Team -1 to Team -2 and back. I didn't follow that up, but it could be made clearer. Is Oso Vega on 1 or 2 and if he's on 2, it doesn't add up to a 10 man team by the initial roster. His team and that of another guy seem to change throughout the story. In any case most people won't notice as these are tertiary characters at best.
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LibraryThing member expatscot
It's a long time since I read a Clancy and whilst this was enjoyable enough I was slightly put off by the repetitive descriptions of characters and events. However, decent poolside read this summer that kept me going for a while.
LibraryThing member mcandre
I tried and failed to read The Hunt for Red October as a kid--it was too long-winded. But Rainbow Six was an easy read.
LibraryThing member Paul_S
Not enough paragraphs about military hardware.
LibraryThing member buffalogr
Typical Clancy book - good story foundation -- slow start--flash finish. This book claims to be a Jack Ryan series, but Ryan is only an off-stage presence. Clancy's most shocking story ever - closer to reality than any government would care to admit. Clancy loves words and I'm glad that I read the
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condensed version.
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LibraryThing member buffalogr
Typical Clancy book - good story foundation -- slow start--flash finish. This book claims to be a Jack Ryan series, but Ryan is only an off-stage presence. Clancy's most shocking story ever - closer to reality than any government would care to admit. Clancy loves words and I'm glad that I read the
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condensed version.
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