The Errancy : poems

by Jorie Graham

Hardcover, 1997





Hopewell, N.J. : Ecco Press, c1997.


Poems exploring the theme of sexual, emotional, political, and spiritual desire through the eyes of a poet's characters examine the age in which we live, where dreams are not as easy as they once were.

User reviews

LibraryThing member scottcholstad
I had to read this book in grad school. Most of my colleagues and I were stunned at its stupifying language, its complete idiocy, the impossibility of finding relevance within the pages. It's what I consider to be the absolute worst in contemporary poetry, and yet Ms. Graham is considered by the
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mainstream to be among the greatest. Mind boggling! This book will leave you wishing for razor blades....
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LibraryThing member b.masonjudy
A fortunate find, The Errancy cascades, line over line, and I found such joy in the torrent of images. Reading Graham is like listening to the sounds of a kaleidoscope. Disconcerting, liberating, but most of all instructive in the wonder of living.
LibraryThing member RobertOK
I will admit I'm not a poetry person and I only own this because it was a gift from a friend whose intelligent and taste I admire. I tried to comprehend the first six poems and got nowhere. I read them twice, I read them out loud, but it was no more than a bunch of words cascading down the page. I
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found no meaning, made no connections, perceived no melody in the lines. I'll keep the book for the lovely inscription my friend wrote but I'm afraid Jorie Graham is not for me.
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