By Ellen DeGeneres: Seriously...I'm Kidding

by -Grand Central Publishing-

Hardcover, 2011




Hardcover (2011), Edition: 7543rd


The stand-up comedian, television host, best-selling author and actress candidly discusses her personal life, her professional career and describes what it was like to become a judge on American Idol.

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(474 ratings; 3.4)

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LibraryThing member AnnieLukey
I was disappointed by this book. Maybe I was expecting it to be along the lines of Tina Fey's "Bossypants" (which was FABULOUS, by the way) but it wasn't even close. It was trivial and I am not even sure why she wrote it. Yes, there are a lot of parts that make you smile or giggle but the entire
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time reading it I was slightly annoyed by the entire concept of the book. Pretty sure she just wrote a book to throw some words together and get a ton of money from it. Other than that, I can't seem to figure out why she wanted to write another book or even what the book was about. I didn't like that pretty much the entirety of the book was a joke, or sarcastic. None of it was legitimate or even a real story about her! She may have started on one, but by the end of it, you couldn't tell the difference between fact and fiction. This book was definitely a frivolous read. If you are looking for a book with a chapter on meditation that has 3.99 blank pages in it and at the bottom a few words that say "There. Now, doesn't that feel better?" - then this book is for you.
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LibraryThing member jugglingpaynes
It isn't often that a book can reduce me to tears...of laughter. This one did just that. Ellen's philosophy is similar to my own, so I just loved reading her perspective on life. I borrowed this from the library, but I am definitely putting it on my wish list. It is a book that demands having
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sections read out loud. If you can keep a straight face. I couldn't, especially when she talks about getting a colonoscopy and a mammogram.
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LibraryThing member LDVoorberg
A place to use monologues that didn't make it on her talk show?
A blatant pitch to promote her talk show?
Proof that bad writing can get published if you are famous?
Examples of how to stretch three lines of good ideas into an entire book?
The result of being forced to write an entire book when you
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have nothing to say?

These are a few of the purposes that this book fulfills. In the introduction, Ellen jokes that this book came out when her agent misheard her due to a poor cellphone connection. At least, when I started the book I thought it was a joke. By the end I began to suspect there might be some truth to it. There is so little substance to this book and so much "stretching" to fill space that perhaps she really was forced into writing another book. I've read better BS from high school students who handed in an essay they hadn't started writing until the night before.

"Be happy and Watch my show."
There. That's all this book actually says. Now go spend your time reading something more worthwhile, like a Twilight book.
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LibraryThing member FolkeB
Seriously…I’m Kidding is a great read that offers light comedy with a simple reading style. In place of a plot, each chapter is its own individual section—a haiku, health advice, DeGeneres’ own ramblings, and more. The book itself suggests that the reader could use it as a story for
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children, although it does warn of some “for adult ears only” material. There is even a section of coloring sheets, and chapter as long as a tweet, and a “text speak translation.” The book is definitely targeted at older audiences, but parts relate to every generation Ellen DeGeneres’ classic witticism and humor are prevalent in the book, especially in her own stream-of-consciousness chapters and journal entries.

DeGeneres’ writing style is very simple and easy to read, but almost too easy for my taste. It jumps around from idea to idea, and is not very engaging because it is so disconnected. However, it is a great book to read while waiting, because you can pick it up anytime. Another aspect that I dislike was that the ideas that DeGeneres includes were relatively shallow. However, her principles of inner beauty and confidence are the bases of some chapters, which give meaningful undertones to this humor-filled book. I recommend this book to readers who are looking for a quick, uplifting read that provides a quirky look into the life of this comedian.

Andie S.
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LibraryThing member LaneLiterati
I really like the way Ellen Degeneres can be funny without tearing other people down. This book is part uplifting self-help, part autobiography, part advice for being nicer to other people and the planet, and almost all humor. I listened to the audiobook, and Ellen not only reads it, but she acts
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it out as if she's doing stand-up. It made a very long drive more than bearable.
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LibraryThing member marylovesbooks
Love Ellen--book had no depth. Couldn't determine if she was being truthful in her storytelling. Big bummer
LibraryThing member SandSing7
I was expecting fluffy nothingness, and was still disappointed.
LibraryThing member fist
Fluff. Almost unbearably light fluff. DeGeneres is so busy trying to be positive and likeable, that it made the few inconsistencies stand out even more: be nice to everyone, she says, but why does she hate Harry Connick, Jr so much then? Be considerate for your environment, she pontificates, but
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she finds she can leave the lights on all night since that makes her feel less anxious. Ellen is an intelligent and persistent woman, to have got where she is, and the naive, slightly dumb persona seems to function like a shield to deflect any serious insight into her life or psyche.
If you like Ellen and are looking for a *very* light read, I'd recommend this. Since most parts seem to have been intended to be read aloud, you may enjoy it even more as an audiobook.
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LibraryThing member abbylibrarian
If you find Ellen funny (like I do), you will probably like this book. It's slight and funny - a nice read for an airplane, etc. Ellen reads the audiobook and that's hilarious, as well.
LibraryThing member saramllr
Enjoyed this on our trip this morning. Funny stuff.
LibraryThing member yayasbooks
I listened to this book on audio on my drive to California. While I rarely listen to books on audio this is definitely the kind of book you want to listen on audio, the book is read by Ellen Degeneres. I enjoyed the narrative very much. If you are expecting some kind of revelation or for Ellen to
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give "juicy" details about her life, Ellen will not budge. Ellen is funny, cute and entertaining as always however I found some chapters to be completely random though I think that is how her sense of humor tends to be.
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LibraryThing member Canadian_Down_Under
When I first rated this book, I gave it three stars. I based this on the first 1/4 of the book or so. I thought it seemed like there was a lot of filler - fairly amusing but, as others had noted, no depth.

I have changed my assessment and now give it four stars as I near the end of the book. I
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realised you must take this book for what it is - stream-of-consciousness writing by Ellen. No, it is not Dickens but then Dickens wasn't as funny as Ellen. This book did often have me laughing out loud (and yes, I choose to type the whole thing out rather than LOL).

OK, this book isn't going to change your life but it does allow you to spend an hour or two with a very funny lady. Sometimes it's nice just to read something light and funny. This is that.
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LibraryThing member monsterofbooks
Ellen Degeneres is the only person in this entire world who can constantly self promote herself without looking or sounding self centre. Ms. Degeneres happy, carefree, determine and funny personality always shine through with whatever project she doing. Whether that is hosting her talk show, The
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Ellen Degeneres Show, or writing her own humorous novel. Ellen's goal has always been to make other smile and that is no different with her novels (she already has three under her belt).

In Seriously...I'm Kiding she takes something serious as her own life and turns into a humorous adventure.Unlike other books she doesn't have a dramatic beginning and climax. No! She just writes about random things (or thoughts) in her life. It's one giant laugh fest. Or a better way of putting it: It's her talk show in book format. As I read this book I could not help but feel Ellen Degeneres was sitting in my living room beside me. She was right there. Beside me. Talking as if I were her best friend.

She may be a celebrity but Ellen's genuine self always shine through. Ellen Degeneres is loveable and whether your reading her book or watching her show you cannot help but feel as if she is your next door neighbour. She motivates her readers and audience to another level. I, as a reader, could not help but feel refresh after reading this book.

This was an awesome read. I did not once get dulled by it and finished it within a few hours. Lately, since returning from Taiwan, I have been in a reading funk. However after reading this novel I am motivated to read again.
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LibraryThing member deadgirl
I couldn't stop laughing!
LibraryThing member jmoncton
When life gets hectic and my 'to do' list is longer than my arm, I find listening to something light and funny is enough to distract me from my worries. This book was a perfect, laugh out loud distraction. Just 3 hours of pure fun.
LibraryThing member mcelhra
Seriously…I’m Kidding is Ellen’s newest book. Some chapters are autobiographical but most are Ellen’s trademark random, sometimes absurd humor and observations on life. There were a few laugh out loud moments but it was mostly amusing, not hilarious. I think that it would be a lot funnier I
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were listening to Ellen herself read this book out loud. Her delivery is half of what makes what she says so funny.

This was a relatively short book and a really fast read because some chapters were just a paragraph or a list of things. I kind of felt like these short chapters were filler; the longer chapters were definitely the funnier ones. Ellen fans (so most everybody – who’s not a fan of Ellen??) will like this book but you might check it out on audio, it’s probably better in that format.
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LibraryThing member les121
This book is pretty much total fluff. It has its inspirational moments, but it mostly consists of rambling, amusing anecdotes about nothing. If you’re in the mood for a light, fun read (or listen) that will make you chuckle, then this is the perfect book for you. Just don’t expect it to be
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particularly brilliant or profound.
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LibraryThing member BoundTogetherForGood
I enjoy Ellen's sense of humor. This book just didn't really ever grab me though. I began reading it as we headed out on vacation and I was disappointed.
LibraryThing member sriemann
A nice, quick 'conversation' with Ellen. Nothing earth-shattering in the way of revelations, but the humor was nice and there were a lot of positive messages along the way.
LibraryThing member salgalruns
I love Ellen. However, this was disappointing to me. Could have been due to one of two things. First, I read the book. I get the sense that this would have been much better in an audio format where you can hear the nuances in her voice. Secondly, this was a book I was expecting to flow into a
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cohesive story and that's not at all what it is. If you take each chapter as a monologue, that's more along the lines of what it is.

Did I enjoy it? Yes. Do I still love Ellen? Of course. Would I reread it? Probably not. But I will pause to consider Cover Girl makeup from now on... ;)
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LibraryThing member brianinbuffalo
I suspect that even some DeGeneres diehards will find this book "lacking." Don't get me wrong. There are plenty of laugh-out-loud moments. But the book is a mishmash of topics that -- as one armchair reviewer aptly observed -- might very well be a collection of mediocre monologues that had been
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rejected. There's no unity or cohesion. There's no overriding theme. To put it in the most gentle of terms, it's an "eclectic" mix of the talented comedian's everyday observations. Unless you're a true DeGeneres devotee, this might fall into the T.M.E. tier (too much Ellen.) Having said all that, why am I still giving the book three stars? Simple answer. I signed out the audiobook version at my local library. I popped discs into my car CD player and treated myself to small doses of DeGeneres. Listening to her humorous delivery of her own material was definitely a value-added feature.
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LibraryThing member susancrowe01
absolutely hilarious!!
LibraryThing member Caj828
I had many laughs while listening. It's a book about nothing really its funny stories about anything that came to her mind or she thought about. I really had no clue what was truthful or false other than the obvious but there were small details that I kept thinking is this true or did she just make
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this up. I'm glad I got the audio because I don't think it would be as good as if I had read it. I had a smile on my face the entire time while listening. Very easy no stress book!
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LibraryThing member Micalhut
Easy to listen to while working, while Ellen dishes out homey jokes, weird sounds and all-around feel-good, simplistic wisdom. In the past though, I enjoyed her rambling about a joke more. This go-around it went just a hair-line over what is funny in my book in many places. Can't help but love her
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LibraryThing member JLNeyhart
While I enjoy Ellen on her tv show, I found this book a bit disappointing, especially since I had just listened to Tina Fey's Bossypants and enjoyed it very much. Ellen's book lacked the substance of Bossybants, and while it made me smile a few times, it didn't make me laugh the way Bossypants did.


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