The Knowledgeable Knitter

by Margaret Radcliffe

Paperback, 2014






Crafts. Nonfiction. HTML: "A treasure trove of knowledge . . . its clarity, detail, scope, and companionable tone make it an extraordinary reference and a delicious read" (Publishers Weekly). Knitting is a combination of skill, determination, and adaptability. Whether you're looking for a suitable substitute yarn, trying to modify a pattern, or fixing a mistake, Margaret Radcliffe�the bestselling author of Circular Knitting Workshop and The Knitting Answer Book�offers proven advice that will help you solve all of your knitting quandaries. With this definitive guide, you'll not only learn how to adjust armholes and shape collars, but why certain techniques work best in different situations. Radcliffe gives you the confidence and inspiration that will help you become a better, happier, and more confident knitter. "This book explains the why behind the how to of knitting. Imagine if the tiny little bit of information at the beginning of a knitting pattern was blown up into an almost 300-page reference book; that begins to explain The Knowledgeable Knitter." � "Brilliant for those people who have recently picked up the sticks and string, but it's got something in there for every knitter." �Woolwinding.… (more)


Storey Publishing, LLC (2014), 296 pages

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