Knitting Green

by Ann Budd

Paperback, 2010






Detailing a wide range of perspectives and approaches to environmental issues, this unique crafting manual offers ideas for knitting conscientiously. Leading figures of the industry, from designers to yarn company executives, share their methods for integrating green principles into their work and lives--selecting organic products, facilitating an alternative to chemical detergent, recycling old projects, reducing disposable plastic bags, and creating pieces that provide warmth and save on energy. Inventive and timely, this practical guidebook explains answers to important questions such as What makes a yarn organic? and Are natural dyes safer than chemical dyes? Providing 20 clever designs for earth-friendly garments, accessories, gifts, and home furnishings, craft enthusiasts of all skill levels will enjoy projects that balance the altruism of saving the planet with the joyful benefits of their favorite hobby.… (more)


Interweave (2010), 160 pages

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User reviews

LibraryThing member CassandraT
Less information than Knit Green. It has knitting projects and intermixed guest pieces. One person said they didn't vaccinate their sheep.
LibraryThing member bluenancyhawaii907
I read this book again for the third time this holiday and drooled once again over the patterns. I think that I need to update my rating.

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