Echoes of the ancient skies : the astronomy of lost civilizations

by E. C. Krupp

Paper Book, 1983



Call number

QB16 .K78 1984


New York : New American Library, 1984, c1983.


Popular, authoritative look at the world of archaeoastronomy, the study of ancient peoples' observation of the skies and its role in their cultural evolution. 208 illustrations.

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LibraryThing member hailelib
While this book has a Dewey classification that claims it is a science book I could make a good argument for putting it in with mythology as well. It explores how and why people look at the sky and how different peoples have ordered their cosmos. I did enjoy this book and it fit well with some
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others I have read this year. Profusely illustrated and extensive bibliography.
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LibraryThing member TheDancingGoats
The seeds of truth in prehistory are dim, but there is a place where lore was collected and remembered...The names of the stars and wanderers & the lore associated with them carry bits of truth through time...Echoes is a great introduction to the pan universal attempts by cultures in prehistory
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seeking to order the mystery of time's passage...The Bibliography outlines a further Library quest for lore or science...

Think about the 'Ring Around the Rosy' song we all sang and it's direct memory of the Black Death a thousand years ago...Every ancient story carries a seed of truth in it's tale...

This book bridges categories and puts parts of the physical world directly into the context of myth and legend...

A Key book in the library...
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LibraryThing member JHemlock
I have had this book since it came out decades ago. From time to time I revisit it and it still fascinates me. it focuses on long forgotten cultures and the importance they put on the heavens and how the night sky affected their lives and feelings.


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xiii, 386 p.; 23 cm


0452006791 / 9780452006799



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