Lion Family (Animal Family Series)

by Jane Goodall

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Learn about the lion.


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A charming collection of science books that are actually geared toward younger audiences so they can learn about some of Africa's more famous creatures when they are younger. Clear and easy to read Jane Goodall shares with us her talent for educating the world without drowning you in too much
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information while at the same time sharing breathtaking pictures that put you right in their world.


Out of her Animal Series book I don't think the lion was actually really done as well or followed the same guidelines as the other baby animals presented. The majority of the book was originally given at first to just main lion facts before finally bringing in family life.

Another thing I found disappointing in this particular book was that lions are known for their males while in discussing the world of lions Jane often mentioned Leo and Simba who were the pride males but they are never seen in any pictures with the pride while only gets a picture at the end of the book.

All in all it will be an enjoyable book for any young children who are interested in looking at wild animals while getting to read a book directed towards their age group.
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