Giraffe Family (Animal Family Series)

by Jane Goodall

Hardcover, 1991



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madison marketing 1991 (1991), Edition: English Language, Hardcover, 28 pages


Learn about the giraffe.


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28 p.; 6.61 inches

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A charming collection of science books that are actually geared toward younger audiences so they can learn about some of Africa's more famous creatures when they are younger. Clear and easy to read Jane Goodall shares with us her talent for educating the world without drowning you in too much
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information while at the same time sharing breathtaking pictures that put you right in their world.


It was this book in the series that had me re-looking without reading the actual book at the pictures. There are several pictures that are presented in the book, which are breathtaking while conveying you to an exotic land that you have heard about but never considered it beautiful.

In this particular book not only does Jane allow you into the life of a young giraffe but she gives you a message of hope as well. In this particular book Jane discusses what happens when the giraffes move on once their food starts to vanish but even as she grieves for their temporary loss in the African scene another giraffe introduced at the beginning steps out to show that appearances can be deceiving while all good things are still where you can reach them (kids may not pick up this particular message).

This book does a great job of bringing the series to life....
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½ (4 ratings; 3.8)
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