Wildebeest Family (Animal Family Series)

by Jane Goodall

Hardcover, 1991



Local notes

R Goo




Madison Marketing Ltd (1991), Edition: First Edition, Hardcover


Learn about the wildebeest.


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6.6 inches

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A charming collection of science books that are actually geared toward younger audiences so they can learn about some of Africa's more famous creatures when they are younger. Clear and easy to read Jane Goodall shares with us her talent for educating the world without drowning you in too much
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information while at the same time sharing breathtaking pictures that put you right in their world.


This is probably the more fatally realistic of the Animal Series book for it shows the many dangers that a young wildebeest faces as young Jacko seems to trip from one problem into another then another. This is truly a great introductory book to children on one of the mainstay animals of the savannah.

And this book closes with some very beautiful pictures that will make you catch your breath....
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