by Marianna Mayer

Other authorsKinuko Y. Craft (Illustrator), K.Y. Craft (Illustrator)
Hardcover, 1998



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398.2 May

Call number

398.2 May

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398.2 May





HarperCollins (1998), Edition: First Edition, Hardcover, 40 pages. $16.99.


Retells how Bellerophon, son of the king of Corinth, secures the help of the winged horse Pegasus in order to fight the monstrous Chimera.

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40 p.; 9.96 inches

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LibraryThing member stacylynn00
Plot: Bellerophon, the mortal hero, conflicts with King Proteus. This king sends him to the king of Lycia. Per custom, they celebrate for 10 days then he reads Bellerophon's letter that says, “Kill the bearer”. Sadness pursues because Bellerophon is in love with his daughter. So the King of
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Lycia sends Bellerophon on a doomed quest, to kill the Chimera. That is when he hooks up with Pegasus and they defeat the Chimera and Bellerophon gets the girl. Characters:Pegasus: flying horse of the gods
Bellerophon: Hero mortal
King Proteus: disliked Bellerophon, sent away
King of Lycia: was supposed to kill Bellerophon, sent him to kill the Chimera
Chimera: crazy Grecian animal/monste
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LibraryThing member kaiserestates
Story of Pegasus and Bellerophon. Bellerophon was sent to see the king of Lycia with a letter. After ten days of feasting the king finally opened the letter which said he was to put Bellerophon to death. The king was fond of him so instead of putting him to death he sent him on an impossible
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mission. HE was told to find Pegasus who would take him to Chimera's lair. HE searched and could not find until he went into the forest to sleep and was presented, in a dream, a bridle. Pegasus came to him and was willing to take him. They went a battled together and they defeated Chimera. He then went back to the king and was permitted to marry his daughter.
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LibraryThing member jodyjlittle
When the hero, Bellerophon, is sent to battle the dreaded monster, Chimera, he wisely seeks the advice of a soothsayer. The soothsayer encourages Bellerophon to find Pegasus. For only from the sky with the winged steed can the Chimera be defeated. After weeks of searching, Bellerophon finds Pegasus
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at the Fountain of Pirene. They form a friendship, learning to trust one another strengths and cover each other's weaknesses. During the battle with the Chimera, Bellerophon skillfully uses his sword and sheild to fight the monster while Pegasus uses his darting speed to dodge the flames and claws of the beast. After a brutal battle, Bellerophon and Pegasus finally defeat the Chimera.
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LibraryThing member bwetmore05
This is a great example of a myth because the plot includes heroes, supernatural beings, and Gods who control the natural forces. This is definitely not suitable for young kids there are some scary images and it involves a lot of death. There is some difficult language and it deals with more adult
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Characters: Bellerophon is a great example of the main character because he ends up being the hero. He ends up saving the day and winning over Pegasus as his noble stead.
Art Media: Oil over watercolor.
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LibraryThing member PeterSinclair
Mythological journey from ancient Greece. Bellerophon, a young son of a king is sentenced to death by an enemy of his father. In order to live, he must befriend Pegasus, the flying horse and defeat Chimera, a hideous beast. Pegasus and Bellerophon become brothers and valiantly defeat the beast.
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Bellerophon marries and lives happily ever after.
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LibraryThing member ptnguyen
Part C/traditional literature

The Greek myths tells of a mythical hero, Bellerophon, who teams up with the magnificient horse, Pegasus. Bellerophon, who is the son of the king of Corinth, has angered many Greeks. One of Bellerophon pitches a scheme to send him to the demon Chimera. To defeat the
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monster, Bellerophon hopes to gain the trust of Pegasus.

The oil-over watercolor illustrations are exquisitely beautiful. The target audience is ages 4-8. I enjoyed reading the story very much; I am certain children will love it, too, because it talks about good and evil, a concept they can connect to their lives.
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LibraryThing member lhendrix9983
Bellerpphon has to win Pegasus trust or face death. This story is about a wonderful friendship between a horse and a man.
I would love to retell this story because it is and adventure and would keep the audiences attention. It is a story for all ages. This book comes from my personal collection.
LibraryThing member SJoachim
This was a great book! The illustrations really stole the show. The young warrior pairs up with the winged horse Pegasus to defeat the evil chimera. The bond that was formed between the two will never be broken.
LibraryThing member spantalian12
Absoultely beautiful pictures. They look like paintings.
LibraryThing member Miss_Annie_O
"Pegasus" is a popular work of mythology detailing the events that lead to the taming of the mighty winged horse and the rise of Bellerophon after his someone attempted to destroy him. Bellerophon was the son of a king and friends with the king of another nation... However, his friend became
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convinced that he had fallen in love with his wife and sent Bellerophon to the king of Lycia with a letter. The king of Lycia followed the tradition of the time where he held a party for his guests for 10 days before he asked why they were there, so this is what he did for Bellerophon. By the tenth day, the young prince had fallen in love with the king's daughter and the king had also grown fond of the young man, but when the king opened the letter, he found the contents to be a request from Bellerophon's friend, requesting that they king kill him. Since the king had grown so fond of him, he could not bring himself to do it, so instead, he sent the young man on a mission which he was sure to fail and lose his life over. The king sent Bellerophon to kill a great beast that was terrorizing the land and people, and though the man knew he would more than likely fail, he agreed to do it anyways. Before he left, he asked advice from a wise soothsayer who informed him that the only way he could possibly survive the daunting task ahead was by gaining the help of Pegasus so they could fight the beast from the air. Therefore, Bellerophon traveled to the town where the legend was said to live but could find no trace of the horse. He traveled to an enchanted fountain where a woman was said to have cried over the loss of her son until she cried herself into a fountain which the gods blessed because they pitied her. Bellerophon waited all night by the fountain with animals from all over, but Pegasus was still not to be found. He finally fell asleep and had a dream in which a goddess informed him that the only way he was to get Pegasus' help was through trust. When he awoke, Pegasus was before him and allowed Bellerophon on his back; after some practice, the two new friends set out to kill the beast terrorizing the town, and they succeeded. After the two rose victorious, Pegasus flew away and Bellerophon went back to the king of Lycia who gave him the princesses hand in marriage. Bellerophon and Pegasus remained brothers with the deepest trust, but were never to find one another again.
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LibraryThing member MeganTrue
The illustrations were great and I enjoyed the story. I think this would be a really good read-aloud story.
LibraryThing member Stewart24
The text alone is a beautifully descriptive tale of bravery, trust, and brotherhood between beast and man. The rich illustrations are like classical paintings and pull the reader deeper into the storyline. The evil Chimera is truly monstrous while the purity of the Pegasus glows forth from the page
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in all it's white, ethereal majesty.
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