Runaway Pony

by Jessie Haas

Paperback, 2005



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PB Haa




Scholastic Books (2005)


When Radish the pony grows too big for the girls who own him, he goes to live at a horse camp where there are always new children for him to train.


Physical description

7.4 inches

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LibraryThing member SunnySD
Radish is a GOOD bad pony. As long as he has a not-too-big little girl to show the ropes of riding, he's happy. But where's a pony to go when all the little girls keep getting too big and abandoning him for larger mounts? Don't worry, there's a happy ending!

I was sniffly by the end, and if you had
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your very own Radish at home to teach you all about the scariness of puddles, the importance tight knots, fly spray and sturdy shoes - or even if you didn't - you may find yourself doing the same. This is a perfect easy reader for that budding horse-lover, and wouldn't make a bad read-aloud for bed-time either. The illustrations are charmingly done. Radish is quite a character.
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