Waging peace : discipline and practice

by Pamela Haines

Paper Book, 2012



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Wallingford, PA : Pendle Hill Publications, 2012.

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LibraryThing member kaulsu
Haines first-person narrative makes a real difference in how this book is received. She is not preachy nor does she claim to be perfect. Her own experiences lend a sense, that with courage, confronting injustice can lead to peace.

Among the topics she touches upon are our giving ourself time to grieve, nurturing our sense of hope, a willingness to make ourself vulnerable, and the effectiveness of deep listening--among others.

Worth the read.
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LibraryThing member QuakerReviews
This is a clear, thoughtful, practical and stimulating pamphlet about developing the skills needed to wage peace, in order to transform ourselves, our communities, and our world. They are disciplines and practical skills for nonviolent community living and action that we need to learn, practice, encourage in each other, and use. The disciplines and skills she discusses include the disciplines of hope, reclaiming the ability to grieve, attentive caring listening, overcoming the divisions that separate us (such as racism), welcoming conflict as opportunity, mending relationships and communities, holding onto what we know is right, overcoming pressures to go along doing what is not right, dismantling our own defenses, and cultivating courage. She suggests we assess ourselves and plan a workout to develop these skills.
This is an important pamphlet to read carefully and consider, since none of us ha all these skills, but we and the world need them all. A self-assessment can help us on the way. It could well be used for a meeting discussion.
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