Toward undiscovered ends: Friends and Russia for 300 years

by Anna Cox Brinton

Pamphlet, 1951



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Wallingford, Pa., Pendle Hill, 1951.

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This is a history of numerous Spirit-led Quaker connections with Russia, from George Fox's letter to the Czar of Muscovy in 1656, and Daniel Wheeler's calling to work in Russia on agricultural development from 1818 to 1832, to the Quaker relief work in the 1920s and a 1951 peace mission to Moscow. Several czars visited Friends meetings and Friends visited Russia over these centuries, including visiting persecuted Russian peace sects and eventually proposing and assisting the mass migration of the persecuted Doukhobors to Canada. These are clear examples of how Friends always relied on divine leadings and guidance and discernment support from Meeting for Sufferings or other Friends meetings in this work of witness to God's love and peace. Anna Brinton writes in this same Friendly spirit.… (more)

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Call number

CP 62/1


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