The essential Jung

by C. G. Jung

Other authorsAnthony Storr (Editor.)
Book, 1983



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Princeton : Princeton University Press, ©1983.

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447 p.; 22 cm

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In this compact volume, British psychiatrist and writer Anthony Storr has selected extracts from Jung's writings that pinpoint his many original contributions and relate the development of his thought to his biography. Storr's explanatory notes and introduction show the progress and coherence of Jung's ideas. These notes link the extracts, and with Dr. Storr's introduction, they show the progress and coherence of Jung's ideas, including such concepts as the collective unconscious, the archetypes, introversion and extroversion, individuation, and Jung's view of integration as the goal of the development of the personality.Jung maintained that we are profoundly ignorant of ourselves and that our most pressing task is to deflect our gaze away from the external world and toward the study of our own nature. In a world torn by conflict and threatened by annihilation, his message has an urgent relevance for every thoughtful person.

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LibraryThing member AliceAnna
Really interesting stuff even though much of it was way over my head.

The thing I felt most enlightened by was his article on Synchronicity. These things simply cannot be put down as pure coincidence. Tying into the collective unconscious as a causal factor for instances of synchronicity rings true to me. There is so much of the human psyche that we don't understand, so much of the brain that isn't being utilized for what may be the brain's intended purpose that it is too simplistic to dismiss those things that we can't explain. The other area that I found interesting (but much more difficult to comprehend fully) was the concept that humans have a collective inbred set of symbols, mythology, etc. Why should we believe that animals have instinctive (untaught) knowledge and not humans? I would really like to read "Jung for Dummies" (if they have such things) so I could understand this stuff better.… (more)

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