Healing dream and ritual : ancient incubation and modern psychotherapy

by C. A. Meier

Book, 1989



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Einsiedeln, Switzerland : Daimon Verlag, c1989.

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v, 160 p.; 22 cm

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C. A. Meier investigates the ancient Greek understanding of dreams and dreaming, Antique incubation and concomitant rituals. 
In this greatly expanded version of his classic work, Ancient Incubation and Modern Psychotherapy, Meier compares Asklepian divine medicine with our own contemporary psychotherapeutic approaches to dreaming. He elucidates how the healing cure was found in the very core of illness itself — a fact of invaluable significance today in both medicine and psychology. 
In helping us to recognize the suprapersonal aspects of illness, the dream is shown to reveal a transcendental path to healing.

Healing Dream and Ritual is one of the most significant and lasting witnesses of how far beyond immediate psychology the implications of Jung’s work stretches. This book is, in my feeling, as important for today’s healers as was the early work of Paracelsus to the redirection of medicine in the Renaissance. - Sir Laurens van der Post

Professor C.A. Meier has practiced as a psychiatrist and psychotherapist in Switzerland since 1936. A co-founder of the C.G. Jung Institute in Zurich, he also served as its first president. As successor to C.G. Jung, he held the Chair of Honorary Professor of Psychology at the Swiss Federal Technical Institute and co-founded the Clinic and Research Center for Jungian Psychology, Zürichberg, in 1964. His numerous books and articles have made unique contributions to the understanding and practice of psychotherapy through much of this century.

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