Carl Jung: Wounded Healer of the Soul: An Illustrated Biography

by Claire Dunne

Book, 2001



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Continuum International Publishing Group (2001)

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LibraryThing member SandraArdnas
I find it hard to rate this book. It is more like a 4D painting of Jung, than a biography. Dunne lets Jung's own words from letters and his works, as well as those around him paint that picture for you, rather than telling the story herself. It works wonderfully in many respects. It makes the man
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behind the ideas and the way they came about come alive. It is also the most poignant way I can imagine of presenting the Sabina Spielrein affair. Dunne's willingness to present Jung with warts and all and doing it in his own words makes me want to rate the book higher. Still, I can't help but wish it was somewhat beefier on actual events throughout his life. Also, towards the end the accounts of various people about him become somewhat tedious and repetitive.

The book is wonderfully illustrated, from modern art, which illustrates his ideas are part and parcel of contemporary culture, through historical Western and Oriental art corresponding to or inspiring the germination of some, to Jung's own drawings from the Red Book.
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