Amelia Bedelia, Bookworm

by Herman Parish

Paperback, 2004



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Scholastic Inc. (2004)


The literal-minded housekeeper causes chaos at her local library when she stops by to help the librarian.

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LibraryThing member t1bclasslibrary
Will our crazy Amelia Bedelia get in trouble for stealing the bookmobile? Of course not! The head librarian is very impressed when Amelia Bedelia puts an art teacher in charge of the children and they create a "Word Eating Thesaurus," "Giant Periodical," and "Prehistoric Bookworm." Amelia,
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meanwhile, has been mistaken for a storyteller, made bookmarks, and discovered that a thesaurus is not a kind of dinosaur.
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LibraryThing member Kcarline143
Amelia take reading books into a literal sense. Great book to get students intrested in reading.
LibraryThing member gamermom2004
A cute series with a funny character that takes things literally to the point of hillarity. This story shows Amelia Bedelia helping out at her local library. She helps the best she knows how and ends up helping out the library.
LibraryThing member kzrobin
I grew up reading Amelia Bedelia books and I always got a good laugh out of them, but this one wasn’t as funny. I would still recommend reading it to students, especially in a library class.
LibraryThing member PaigeCostella
Amelia Bedelia tries to help Mrs. Page the librarian, to get ready for her boss to come. Amelia Bedelia takes Mrs. Page's words seriously and does everything she is not suppose to be doing. In the end all turns out well and the head librarian likes Amelia Bedelia. This would be good to read when
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learning about books and library. You teach your students that books and the library expand our knowledge.
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LibraryThing member lmhudson
Honestly I really didn't care for this book. I feel that it did not flow as well as Peggy Parish's Amelia Badelia books. I feel that Herman Parish over analyzes what he's saying instead of just using the subtle hints and letting the children come to there own conclusions.
LibraryThing member MSittig
Amelia Bedelia is a very literal person. She volunteers to help the library be more welcoming. This book has very good detail in the pictures and helps readers laugh at Amelia Bedelia's actions throughout the book. I love the way she twists the words around that everyone says and makes a big deal
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out of everything. It is definitely a great book for children to get a good laugh. She takes everything so serious, when actuality she just misunderstands what people are saying.
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LibraryThing member jwied2
Summary: This book is about Amelia Bedelia who takes everything literally and causes quite the commotion!
Review: These books are classic beginner reader for their simplicity but hysterical humor. I grew up reading these books and still laugh out loud while reading them. Can't wait for my boys to
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get older and read these with them.
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LibraryThing member ghimbert
This is a good book to use to teach the word literal which is often misused today. It is funny how it is currently used because it is almost always paired with an exaggeration which is the opposite of literal. Amelia Bedelia is a funny character and it is an fun loving book.
LibraryThing member TPicou
Amelia Bedelia does not take anything lightly, instead she takes everything into literal sense. Amelia volunteers at her local library to help out the librarian. Amelia is not too bright and ends up really stressing the librarian out even more than she already was! She takes everything into literal
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sense. For example, the librarian told a little boy, "Here's your book, Mark," and Amelia thought that meant that every child in the library got a free bookmark- that started a lot of problems! Amelia has a kind heart, but doesn't understand the most common of things. The Amelia books are fun reads and the pictures make the story!
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LibraryThing member DJRyskie
This story is one full of puns and very figurative language. Amelia Bedelia takes words very literally and ends up causing a disaster and fixing it in one day without meaning to. A lot of this book seems to be all over the place with its wordplay which might be difficult for some children to grasp.
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The puns about the book mobiles and the "Saurus'" may be a little too hard to fully grasp for some readers but for the readers who grasp figurative language this book is excellent and fun to read.
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