Bravo, Amelia Bedelia

by Herman Parish

Paperback, 1999



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GreenWilBk (1999), Edition: Reprint, 48 pages


From the time she is sent to pick up the guest conductor, Amelia Bedelia's normal confusion causes quite an uproar at the school concert.

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Gr. 1-3. Amelia Bedelia is supposed to assist at the school concert, but instead she turns the performance into a topsy-turvy event. In her usual zany fashion, Amelia Bedelia takes her orders literally and hilariously jumbles up everything she is asked to do. The situation gets off to a comical
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start when she goes to the train station to pick up the orchestra conductor but returns with the train conductor. Humorous misunderstandings abound in this early chapter book that will tickle the funny bones of young readers.
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LibraryThing member t1bclasslibrary
It’s the day of the concert, and Amelia Bedelia seems to be messing everything up in the usual way. When she makes a big and rather amusing entrance into the concert, however, she manages to drum up a lot of enthusiasm for orchestra.
LibraryThing member perihan
Amelia Bedelia wants to help Mrs. Rodgers with the school concert. Amelia ends up inside a drum. The new conductor cannot handle all Amelia's confussions. The conductor thinks that Amelia had ruined his show, but because of Amelia, everyone wants to be in the orchestra next year.
LibraryThing member Kcarline143
Amelia takes another literal sense on an orchestra concert.
LibraryThing member PaigeCostella
Mrs. Rogers asks Amelia Bedelia to go to the station to pick up the conductor for the school concert. When Amelia Bedelia returns Mrs. Rogers was shocked to see she brought back the train conductor. Great to read in english when learning or reviewing homophones.
LibraryThing member restock
Amelia Bedelia is part of a band production with a visiting musician. I found the story not very interesting, but the 6-8 year old audience think she is quite funny.
LibraryThing member rschin1
I liked the book “Bravo, Amelia Bedilia!” by Herman Parish for two reasons. First the writing is very humorous for students, which makes it engaging for them to read. For example, when Amelia is supposed to go pick the musical conductor up at the train station she accidentally brings a train
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conductor. “I did not mean a train conductor, said Mrs. Rogers. I mean a musical conductor.” Second, the pictures in each chapter help students visualize what they are reading. For example, when the conductor is saying bye and he needs to catch a train Amelia says be sure to use both hands, trains are heavy. While this is funny, the illustrations also allow students to realize what is happening in the story. The big idea in “Bravo, Amelia Bedilia!” is humor and music.
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LibraryThing member aehunter
Another amazing book about Amelia Bedelia. This one although takes on a new setting, a concert hall. Amelia must take on a conductor, many instruments, and an orchestra, but can she? No she can't because she takes everything to literal, but in the end everyone enjoys the concert because of her
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goofy antics.

Teaching Ideas: Instruments
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LibraryThing member SadieCooney
Amelia Bedelia is always getting into something. She takes on a concert and makes it... interesting. Her problems is she takes instructions too literal. Mrs. Rodgers tells her to pick up the conductor and instead brings home the TRAIN conductor. The real conductor tells her to play a string
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instrument, but she can not find a string, but a rope will suffice. This book is humorous and a quick, easy read. I would not do this as a read aloud, but definitely keep it in my classroom as an independent, fun read!
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