Amelia Bedelia and the Cat (I Can Read Level 2)

by Herman Parish

Paperback, 2009



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Greenwillow Books (2009), Edition: Illustrated, 48 pages


Amelia Bedelia finds a stray kitten and tries, in her literal-minded way, to take good care of it.

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Parish, Herman. Amelia Bedelia and the cat. (2008). New York: Greenwillow Books.

Amelia Bedelia is Mr. and Mrs. Rogers’ housekeeper. She is very literal, so when the weather forecast calls for it to rain cats and dogs, she expects to see real cats and dogs come down. She’s not surprised find a
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kitten in the planter in the yard. The rest of the story humorously tells of her attempts to go find food and other supplies for the kitten as she takes what the people who try to help her say too literally. For example, the letter carrier advises her to just follow her nose to find the fish market and this doesn’t make sense to her because she always follows her nose, except when she’s walking backward.

Although Huck identifies the Amelia Bedelia series as a popular realistic fiction series, it doesn’t address harsh realities of life or controversial topics. Amelia Bedelia is characterized more idealistically than realistically. But she does model good behavior for the story’s young readers. She is polite to others and persistently helpful to animals. Her habit of taking things too literally is funny, but unusual in people her age. The other characters are always polite and happy to stop what they are doing to have a conversation with Amelia and help her. This, unfortunately, doesn’t reflect the real world. One way in which the illustrations do reflect the real world is that the characters are drawn as both White people and people of color. There is no stereotyping of the people of color in the text. Although this book doesn’t address harsh realities of life, younger students will enjoy it for its humor and it’s somewhat realistic portrayal of nice people in a close-knit community.

The watercolor and black pen illustrations mirror the events in the story and add to it by showing what the characters and setting look like, things that aren’t described in the text.
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This is a story of a housekeeper (Amelia Bedelia) whom understands the words in their literal meaning. For example in Amelia Bedelia and the Cat, when Mrs. Rogers told her that it is going to rain cats and dogs, Amelia said "Goody, we will get a free pet." This book is not only entertaining, but
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also gives the readers a good view of words that have multiple meanings. This book has a light humor in it, and at the same time teaches the children to be caring for animals. I like the fact that people in this book stop to help each other, and in this case, helping Amelia. In one of the illustrations Amelia is taking out an umbrella from her bag, which reminded me of Mary Poppins.
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