Skippyjon Jones (Kohl's Cares Edition)

by Judy Schachner

Hardcover, 2003



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Dutton Children's Books (2003), Edition: 1st, 32 pages


Skippyjon Jones is a Siamese cat with an overactive imagination who would rather be El Skippito, his Zorro-like alter ego.

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LibraryThing member Ameliaiif
One of my college professors read this book to us, and I've never seen so many 20-something boys giggling like a bunch of buffoons. This is the adorable first in a series of adventures starring a siamese who thinks he's a chihuahua. Required for reading: a high-pitched mexican voice. !yo quiero!
LibraryThing member arewald
This book was written to be read aloud. It is full of chants, songs, actions, various fonts and font sizes that bring the text to life. The story of a Siamese kitten who imagines himself to be a chihuahua named El Skippito (the greatest sword fighter) and goes on an adventure in his closet. A
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charming story with plenty of quirky characters and many Spanish words woven in.
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LibraryThing member SnowLeopard
Skippyjon Jones is a Siamese cat with a very vivid imagination. He loves to pretend to be other animals, a Chihuahua in particular. He transforms into the great sword fighter, El Skippito, and takes a trip into his closet to Old Mexico where he meets lots of little Chihuahuas. They ask him, “Do
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you like rice and beans?” and he answers, “Si, I love mice and beans.” He becomes their hero and must defeat Alfredo Buzzito, El Blimpo Bumblebeeto Bandito, the villain who steals their frijoles. (Doesn’t his name just roll off your tongue?)

This book is great fun to read aloud with a Spanish accent, and Judy Schachner gets you right into the story with her phonetic spelling and intriguing names. It also has wonderful alliteration and amusing rhyme-y poems. This book will have your kids rolling on the floor laughing at Skippyjon Jones’ mischievous antics.
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LibraryThing member BVstorytime
Skippyjon Jones is a Siamese cat with an overactive imagination who would rather be El Skippito, his Zorro-like alter ego.
LibraryThing member grobison
I have discovered the ultimate kids book. It not only contains the cutest cat on the face of the earth, but his antics are perfect for children. A must read outload story.
LibraryThing member Menagerie
This fun book, about a siamese kitten who thinks he is a chihuahua, is the first in a series, and it is absolutely wonderful. Skippyjon has an active imagination and takes to diving into his closet where he goes on wild adventures as El Skippito Friskito, the Great Sword Fighter. He runs into a
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gang of Chihuahuas called the Los Chimichangos and they recruit him to save them from the El Bumbleito Bandito who is stealing all their beans. This is a great lyrical romp that has fun with language and kids' imaginations. Definitely one to get.
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LibraryThing member conuly
I wasn't interested in this book, neither were my nieces (5 and 2.5) at all.

The story didn't grab any of us at all.

Additionally, I don't think mock-Spanish is particularly funny. I don't think it's overly racist, not in this book, I just don't think it's *funny*.

I get that other people like it a
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lot, I just... don't. This is one I suggest you read before you buy.
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LibraryThing member melissafourroux
Skippyjon Jones is a funny, lovable character who has a wild imagination! He is a Siamese cat who would like to believe that he is a Chihuahua! In his imaginative world he is a great sword fighter who helps out his little clan of friends Los Chimichangos when the bad Alfredo Buzzito attacks them.
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It is Skippyjon who in the end saves his friends beans and also finds his very “real” piñata in his bedroom.

This series is a favorite of mine! My youngest loves everything about this book, whether that is the silly voices that Skippyjon has or whether that be the silly little rhymes with clapping that he does. The illustrations are terrific and show you just how silly Skippyjon is.

I would love to read this book to a group of students before making a real piñata in the classroom. This could be done to discuss Hispanic Heritage or Cinco de Mayo especially with some of the Spanish words that Skippyjon uses in the story. You could also have children do a writing activity choosing what animal they would like to be if they had the choice and the reasoning they picked that particular animal to share with the class or in small groups.
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LibraryThing member sdglenn
Great for all ages. Helps with imagination. We could have the students imagine something and write a story about it.
LibraryThing member wturnbull06
This book is a good example of fantasy because it tells a story about a cat going on an adventure to Mexico to defeat a bumblebeeto bandito for the chimichangos because he was steeling their beans.
LibraryThing member renee.sutter
This book is about a Siamese kitten who thinks he is a Chihuahua. Skippyjon Jones has an active imagination and goes into his closet where he goes on wild adventures as El Skippito Friskito, the Great Sword Fighter. He runs into a gang of Chihuahuas called the Los Chimichangos and he saves them
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from the El Bumbleito Bandito who is stealing all their beans. This is the first book in the Skippyjon Jones series. These books are so fun to read and I can't wait to read them to my students especially since the stories have some Spanish words and most of my students are Spanish readers.
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LibraryThing member emgriff
When Skippyjon Jones is sent to his room for time out to remember what it means to be a cat, he glances in his mirror and realizes that he is really a chihuahua. He passes through his closet into Mexico where he saves the day as a hyper, over the top bandito. The illustrations are done in brightly
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colored chalk and incorporate the occasional photograph which adds to the book's offbeat feel. The text size and style varies, reflecting the zany tone of the story. The book also makes liberal use of Spanish, Spanglish and pseudo-Spanish in Skippyjon Jones' lively songs and chants. While some readers may find the language endearing, I felt that the book was stereotypical and bordered on racist, not to mention being just plain bizarre. I would certainly not feel comfortable reading this book aloud! In addition, the version on Lookybook is too small to read without squinting. All in all, not a book I would include in my library -- Where the Wild Things Are has already told this story, and managed to do it without being racist-o.
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LibraryThing member srgrammer
This is another book about Skippyjon Jones. This is when he was little and very curious. It is one of the funniest books I have ever read!!!
LibraryThing member aswideman
Skippy Jon Jones shows students they need to listen to their parents and teachers because like skippys mother said he was going to have nightmares and he did.
LibraryThing member TatumNobis
The book is about a siamese cat who needs to clean his room. his mother tells him to stay in there intill he cleans it all up. He starts to fanasize that he is a mexican cat and he makes up this whole story in his head all about the mexican traditions. Very Funny!

This story to me is great, it is
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very funny and keeps you reading. i love the mexican culture so it was great to see it in this childrens book.

I could use this book in the classroom around cinco de mayo.
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LibraryThing member kmacneill
This is a great read aloud book! I loved it. I read it aloud to my niece and nephew (4 and 5) and even though they were a little young, they still laughed at the silliness of skippyjon and his overactive imagination. I think this would be a great book to read aloud because kids will be laughing. It
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is probably a good book to read on the first day to break the ice. Warning: You have to practice it before reading it aloud!
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LibraryThing member adge73
This is one of the most imaginative picture books I know -- original, and very, very funny.
LibraryThing member eurbanowicz
When a little Siamese kitten is sent to his room for being a bit too hyperactive for Mama's taste, he engages in his favorite activity: playing "let's pretend." Skippyjon adopts his new alter ego, the chihuahua "El Skippito", and pretends to rescue a village of chihuahuas from a bean-snatching
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RESPONSE: I think the idea of a kitten pretending he's a chihuahua is adorable. I read a few reviews that called the book racist and anti-Mexican, but I'm not sure that I agree with that. Skippyjon's a child, he's simply being silly and pretending to be something he's not. I really liked the artwork and whimsy of Skippyjon's imagination, and think children would also be enamored.

THEMES/CONCEPTS: imagination, fantasy, old west
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LibraryThing member forgeys
Washington Children's Choic Picture Book Award
LibraryThing member sonya337
This story is fun, silly and adventurous. This a great read for younger and older children, because of the captivating storyline and beautiful illustrations. The author uses silly names, big words and Spanish words to make the reader laugh and learn. Even the colorful and detailed illustrations
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perfectly capture the lovable characters and outlandish adventure Skippyjon Jones imagines.
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LibraryThing member kcolema
All of the Skippyjon Jones books are fun to read for the class. They become very interactive and all of the students have a good time.
LibraryThing member mrscece
Very fun story with a lot of energy. A few words are in Spanish. It's a humorous story, but a very fast read - not as in short, but as in pacing. Even the author, Judy Schachner, reads the story very fast on the audio cd. This can cause confusion to those that are very young or below-level readers
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in comprehension.
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LibraryThing member Nhritzuk
I have read this book over and over again. It is fun to read independantly and as a read aloud. It makes me laugh out loud every time and rhythm of the text appeals to children. Judy Schachner managed to illustrate the most hilarious facial expressions on the cat characters' faces. I like the
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author's message at the end that is good to be exactly who you are and that your imagination can take you on adventures.
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LibraryThing member krs027
skipp is a adventurus cat that thinks he is a bird, he is suppose to stay out of his closet but does not listen and has a great time.
LibraryThing member booschnoo
This book is a good example of Fantasy because the main character is an imaginative animal that has the ability to talk, dance, swordfight, etc.
In some ways, the main character is not very easy to relate to, but you may be able to relate in that we all have different abilities. There isn't a lot
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of growth of the character in this book, but there is potential for growth of character throughout the book series.
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Colorado Children's Book Award (Nominee — Picture Book — 2006)
Ladybug Picture Book Award (Nominee — 2005)
E.B. White Read-Aloud Award (Winner — 2004)


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