Arthur's Reading Race (Beginner Books)

by Marc Brown

Hardcover, 1996



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Random House Books for Young Readers (1996), Grolier Book Club Edition, 24 pages


Arthur doesn't believe that his little sister can really read, so he challenges her to prove it.

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LibraryThing member t1bclasslibrary
DW says she can read just like Arthur, so Arthur points to a lot of common signs all around the neighborhood and says that if she can read ten words, he’ll buy her an ice cream. She reads all of them (though it’s hard to say if she’s reading them or just guessing that a taxi says taxi on it),
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and at the end tells Arthur he doesn’t know how to read something- the “Wet Paint” sign on the bench he just sat at.
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LibraryThing member mercedesromero
Arthur is another character that children love. This book helps students to identify Word-In-Context throughout the story.
LibraryThing member Lakapp
"Arthur's Reading Race" written by Marc Brown is a great book that will motivate young children to read. The main character, Arthur, learned to read in school and want to impress his younger sister with his reading abilities. Arthur is proud of his accomplishments and wants teach his sister, D.W.,
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to read. D.W. claims she already knows how to read and proves her abilites to her big brother. The book shows how important reading is for success in the real world, and also shows that words are everywhere. I would read this to children when they are learning how to read. This book would be best for children from Kindergarten to 2nd grade.
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LibraryThing member rlhopper
This book begins with Arthur learning how to read. He is so excited that he knows how to read that he tells his sister D.J. that he is going to teach her how to read too. She tells him that she can already read and Arthur does not believe her. Arthur tells her that if she reads ten words correctly
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that he will buy her an ice cream cone. They walk around the town and Arthur points to different signs for his sister to read. In the end, DJ does read ten words and they go get an ice cream cone together. this book is so cute and shows that reading is fun and exciting. i would read this book to grades K-3.
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LibraryThing member dlsmith5
Arthur feels like he is a better reader then his sister, so while they walked through town he tried to read everything to her. She ended up being a better reader then him. This shows learning is not a computition but a skill that everyone can improve in. For the activity to go with this book you
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could have site words on flash cards and play a game with your students. While you explain it's ok if you read slower or faster than someone else.
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LibraryThing member rsimmons
This story was about Authur getting DW to learn to read. She already knows how though. So she proves it to him by reading more than 10 words.
LibraryThing member lam032
Arthur is proud that he can read all by himself, talks about how much he enjoys it. Bets his sister D.W. an ice cream cone that she cant read 10 words by the time they get home. She does and gets her ice cream, cute story. good for showing reading is fun.
LibraryThing member Brittjj
This book can help new readers learn to read with the easy words that are in the book. It can be used during a reading unit in the classroom. I loved the book because it is humorus and it shows how D.W. is being competitive and wanting the ice cream.
LibraryThing member DVerdecia
Arthur promises to buy ice cream for his little sister, D.W., if she can read ten words. The twosome race to the park, where D.W. is quick to recognize signs such as ZOO, DON'T WALK, POLICE, and ICE CREAM. When she reads WET PAINT before her big brother does, Arthur is in for a colorful
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This is exactly what happens in this story. It is a good little story for the young beginning reader. The print is nice a big so the young reader can sound out the words if necessary. The pictures are in Arthur caricature, (If you have ever watched the cartoons you would know what I mean by this). And one of the things I think is neat is that as D.W. spots the words on street signs and buildings, the young reader would have to refer to the picture to see what word it is. Making it a game of sorts.

This is an enjoyable read and I do recommend this book for the young learning reader to get into.
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LibraryThing member jkibbey
This book shows kids how much you can read...but that you also need to pay attention.
LibraryThing member villemezbrown
Another bland Arthur book. In this one he doesn't believe his sister's boast that she can read, so he bets her an ice cream cone she can't read ten words. They wander around letting D.W. read labels and signs that could be easily guessed based on context, making the challenge a little meaningless.
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And they don't include one four-word sign that D.W. does read in her total count.

I'll leave this book and Arthur to the kids for whom they are intended.
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